Caturday – 8/9/2017 – Wonderful Weirdo Day

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    For our Caturday Special:

    Nothing’s quite as dull as being normal, boring and average. Celebrate being weird, and celebrate the weirdo’s in your life. Make an effort to be weird by dressing weirdly, doing weird things and encouraging weirdness with your friends and in the workplace!

    I love His Grace and Sir Mittens 😆

    Cya, enjoy Caturday and have a happy~

    Todos felices sueños





    Good morning! Just popped in to say hi. Looks like Irma might go up the west coast of FL now….stay safe, AV. Our street is in a mandatory evacuation zone, but inland so we’re staying. From what I gather there’s some concern about being trapped in the neighborhood if streets leading to the neighborhood are flooded. Just praying all our trees stay upright and power isn’t out too long…and eveeryone to stay safe, of course.



    How I love the little black doll with her teddy bear. But I’ve never had a cat who tolerated “dress-up”.

    Yes, I’m on pins and needles over the hurricanes, and the earthquake. Know someone in Oaxaca, but for now she is safe.



    I am on pins and needles too about the whole state of Florida…more about the storm surge than anything else. Please let us know how you are doing down there!

    I’m a weirdo and I love it…don’t care who else doesn’t, but I don’t force it on others…just my cats! 😆



    How early in a relationship does one start to dress up their cat? I’ve never had one that would tolerate it either.

    Thanks for checking in ECB. We’re worried and paws crossed that AV is OK.



    Joining you on the pins and needles. I hear Florida wants to move to Montana.

    Cats are weirdos, so it seems right for their humans to be weirdos too!



    Good morning all.
    Pins and needles here too. Just been updating myself on Irma’s path and checked in last night on FB with other TDKers. Some have evacuated while others are staying put and riding Irma out. My thoughts and prayers are with them all and their furkits and dogs.
    PG, you had me chuckling with your ‘How early in a relationship . . .’ comment. My mind was going in all directions before I got to the word ‘cat’. 😮 😆 😳 😳
    JJ, I saw that pic of Florida moved to between Montana and N. Dakota. 🙂
    It’s Sunday here but Mr MS is working 7 days as usual. We have had rain and sun so far today and HRH gave up trying to figure out what will come next and headed upstairs to bed.



    Evening all!

    Glad that TDKers are safe and hope they remain so.

    Guess I could qualify for “weirdo.” Looked up “weird” in handy Thesaurus. Synonyms include “awe-inspiring” and “inscrutable” – works for me! Antonym is “boring” and I would rather be described as almost anything but that! 😉

    Crud seems to be moving on to someone else. Feel a bit more human. And just did the most difficult part of translation project as I had to research just about every term and render equivalent in English. The rest is more creative. So this relieves some of the stress. I feel like pulling an all-nighter, but will resist in favour of knitting and watching some of a bad made-for-TV movie.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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