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    This is a great day to take your family to see the beauty of the animal kingdom! Zoos bring new animals and habitats we normally wouldn’t get to know! What can you do to help the zoo? You could volunteer at your local zoo, take a tour, or organize a fundraiser. The oldest modern styled zoo was established in 1752 at the order of Emperor Francis I, in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

    Miss Moppet is annoyed because LilBit has been getting on my lap before her. There’s room but I guess its the principle. *sigh*
    Have a happy~

    ?? (Good night)



    Good morning – sorry you’ve been under the weather, MS. It’s certainly a possibility that those dogs are disturbing HRH’s well being. Sending healing vibes your way.
    Poor Miss Moppet. Yes, it’s the principle. Leela understands.
    It’s not as warm as was forecast, so the wood burner is going again. It is sunny here in Jersey but windy, making for a chilly day. Nice to be able to have the doors open though, with the fire keeping indoors nice and cozy.



    Happy Caturday all! JJ, I do the same thing, crack open a window for fresh air, when I can have the woodburner going. It makes a nice mix of warm and cool which I would not do if I was running the furnace. The furnace for us is used in transition from spring to summer, or fall to winter. When it’s going to be cold several days in a row, the woodburner gets started up!! The sun is blazing here today but it’s also chilly–for once we are having the same weather!!

    MS, hope you feel better and soon!



    Exactly, KZ! I thought it was going to be warmer today but the furnace kicked on overnight. We have forced hot air propane so the fireplace heat feels much better anyway.
    Oh and Leela is happy.



    Well, I’m a major zoo lover so this is a perfect day! It’s been way to long since we’ve been to the zoo.

    Hope you all have been well. Things have been busy here…lots of little projects. And the cats still aren’t totally okay with each other. It’s one step forward, one step back. Sometimes they’re fine then something spooks one of them and everyone hates Eko. For some reason it’s always his fault. He’s like a lightning rod for Emily and Leo’s anxieties. They still need a good bit of supervision and special sleeping arrangements and room assignments when we leave the house. When they fight or nearly fight it sets them back.



    Hi guys! I love zoos, our local Busch Gardens is one of the premier in the country!

    I’ve been hated this morning, but now forgiven by both my girls ….. flea treat day (they hate it) …..

    Mr. AV and I went on another antique hunt for a fixture for our new foyer inside …. went back to the same place we bought the outdoor light, after looking at many places, and sure enough, found the purrfect globe, will have to restore and attach the hanging and lighting hardware, but its circa 1920s, and fits beautifully in with our old home. Guy had almost tears in his eyes, said it was in his dad’s home, and loved the pic of the other piece I restored that I showed him. I love to return period pieces to their charm!



    Give Eko extra cuddles from me. The move and settling in and stuff is hard for the kits. They’re not certain what’s going to happen next and poor Eko in the punching bag. 🙁

    Oh, fleas! One advantage of living here is it’s dry enough that fleas don’t make this home. If I owned I would be interested in getting antiques for decoration. I’m glad you take your time and fix the items up yourself. It’s that pursonal touch.



    Evening all,

    I don’t think that I’ve ever been to a zoo! So the pics today are most appreciated, not that many of the creatures would be found in a reg zoo. Love the okapi in his neat stripey tights, and of course the panda nursery. Guess one of those snow leopards wouldn’t do so well in my place, but they’re soooo cute!

    AV, I love finding thigs and re-arranging and fixing things up! Each season my place gets a new look, simply by changing over all the rugs, cushions, drapes, futon cover, hanging new pics from the “art collection.” No great pushing/lifting effort involved.

    But with the weather of late, no sense of Spring coming in. They say C18-20 degrees for Monday, I say we’ll see. As then it’s supposed to get rainy and chilly again as per now, where I srsly have heat on.

    Tomorrow relatively busy day scheduling wise as getting ready to be ready for Passover for which I have to be set by Mon 11:30 am. With pm dedicated to getting out/organizing my Passover stuff, including duplicates of micro/portable burner/t. oven, and getting fully in gear for the 8 days.



    ECB, you were the person I thought of when I saw the title of this thread this morning, just forgot to write it! I know if I ever get to your neck of the woods we’re going to the zoo!
    I’m sorry the cats aren’t being nice together, and sorry Eko seems to bear the brunt of Emily and Leo’s frustrations. I forgot if you use Feliway or Rescue Remedy, but if not I wonder if one of those products would help.
    AV, if I ever do get to Florida I would love to do the grand TDK tour, then you can take me to the zoo as well! How cool that you found that 20s globe, and it sounds like you made the seller’s day with your plans for it. Poor Abby and Caddy, health maintenance can be sooo annoying! *eye-roll*
    Hi KJ – I like to switch things around with the seasons as well. Last weekend I finally packed up the winter stuff and pulled out lighter throws and pillows and rearranged some pictures. The real break will be when I can clean the wood burner and set it to ‘dormant’.
    Enjoy Passover prep. Sounds like a lot to do, but knowing you, you enjoy it!

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