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    Take me out to the ball game! Buy me some peanuts and … bobble heads? Today we celebrate Bobble head day. For some reason, someone decided to attach a head on a doll using a spring. It’s said Bobble heads first came onto the scene in the 1920s. But the first of these familiar toys was believed created in the mid 1800’s, when plaster cats with bobbing heads were all the rage. So they’re you have it-cats started another tread.

    My fave Steelers Bobble head –

    The significance of Lucky Cat-

    Left paw or right? Black, white or red? : Decoding the Lucky Cat

    The kits are sleeping and Miss Moppet is in my lap having kitty dreams. 🙂

    I saw Grimm and now, I wonder what other Grimm fans think of the opening show. At least, they briefly went over last season’s finale.

    I’m watching another weird movie. Weird seems to be my movie genre of choice lately. 🙄 I’m going to see Underworld: Blood Wars at the first showing on Saturday.

    Cya l8r and have a happy~

    nighty night



    Not a chance of a crossover pic.
    have to admit I have no idea what a bobblehead was, they are just not a thing here.



    I never got the Bobble Head phenomenon either and I’m not surprised it’s an American thing. The Hawaiian doll seems to be a popular one.



    “Am not bobblehead!” adorable!
    I have a black cat bobblehead. When I had my black truck she sat on the floor hump in the center, bobbing away at me while I drove. I named her Bobbie. I like your Steelers bobblehead, PG. I hope they beat Miami tomorrow. My Giants are playing Green Bay in the second game tomorrow, so I’m going up against my Midwest and West Coast Cheesehead family.
    I thought Grimm was good – action-packed, a bit confusing till I started to remember who was what and who did what, etc. I wonder if Eve is turning back into Juliette. Grimm wouldn’t throw us a crappy love triangle in the last season, would they?
    Comet is still fairly sneezy and snotty. I’m beginning to regret not taking him to the vet sooner. The l-lysine has really helped Leela’s weepy eyes, and did subdue Comet’s symptoms for a while. Maybe we will see an improvement as we pass the 48 hour mark today. The injection was in his right elbow – has anyone seen an injection site there before? I haven’t.
    We are getting skimmed by that monster storm roaring up the coast. Not much snow expected around here this time around.



    Happy Caturday all! ….. I had a bobblehead when I was a teenager that lived in the back dashboard of our car ….. if I remember correctly, I think it was a Beatle … Paul, I believe! …..

    very rainy today, Mr. AV, Scotty and now new handy man in training Jason are up in the attic finishing it into a third floor living space ….. *sighs* …. yet another project, and weeks of waking to hammer/sawing …… ugh!
    Abby is closed up in my bedroom; Son’s girls are in his closet (a large walk in) …. not happy girls today …. lots of noise and banging ….
    Miss Caddy, on the other hand, is happy and snuggled tightly in her fleece blanket on her perch inside her shed with the cat/flap …. she had her breakfast and put herself back to bed to stay warm and dry …. LOL

    I’m hanging out in my room with Abby, watching recorded shows, playing on my computer, and acting as door opener when the guys need to carry stuff upstairs ….. hope everyone is having a great day!



    Hi guys! I enjoyed hearing your Saturday updates. We took down the Christmas tree today, waiting til after Jan 6, like we usually do. So nice to have that done! Next time we put it up we should be in a different, more permanent house.

    We had our home inspection yesterday…quite stressful, naturally. A thirty year old home that hasn’t been kept up to date has some issues. Hopefully, we can work out some negotiations with the sellers. It would be unreasonable to expect everything to be new…an older roof is okay (it’s why we paid a bit less than a comparable sale two doors down)…an older roof that is leaking is not…an older a/c is okay….an older a/c (30 years old!) that doesn’t cool properly is not….stuff like that.



    You didn’t know Comet would feel this bad, JJ. How could you know to take him earlier? I know, we’re like but I should have known…
    I’m not sure what I think of Grimm possibly bringing Juliette bring in. She wasn’t one of fave characters.

    A new handy man? How many more upgrades is Mr. AV planning? Or should that question not be asked of him? 😮 😮

    I’m glad you checked in ECB. It’s sound as if your inspection wasn’t a complete failure. Most owners of older houses, are willing to work with potential buyers.

    I enjoyed Underworld: Blood Wars. It went in a different direction so who knows what or if anything will follow.




    Evening all,

    I too have never heard of bobble heads. Swivel heads purrhaps.As per “English Beat/: 😉

    Never had a house inspection ECB, hope that things can be sorted out as to be fixable.

    Well I do have the full-fledged crud. 🙁 Felt lousy at Knitting Circle and last night, well, not good, seemed to affect more than just neck on up as, OK TMI. After sleeping all day, better. But no fever, so it’s “just ” the crud. Must get some noms into me, though not really into this. Opting for tea instead of café, might be better plan. And for sure early night. As point in time do not plan to give up usual Sunday schedule. Actually spin cycling sometimes helps in terms of distracting and clearing head.



    Evening all !
    KJ, I long for the end to HIP, but Mr. AV is an extreme purfectionist, and can’t seem to stop! But I’ve already got a distraction plan in place ….. I’ll divert him to an investment property that he and Son have been wanting to do, so I’ll make that happen, and then they can tinker away on that to their hearts content!

    It’s cold here, Caddy is snuggled up in her shed, and we are all warm with the heat turned on. Stay warm everyone!

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