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    Most days we see complete fails of common sense, stupid and fantastic examples of the horror that can occur when someone just… refuses… to think.

    Common sense as a concept is ancient, first being codified by Aristotle and then a Roman interpretation as a sense of the common. A long and and twisty development, for sure, but in the end don’t put your iPhone in the microwave to recharge it. Kits are the masters of critiquing lack of common sense.

    The weather’s been OK. I’ve a had a chill which I hope doesn’t turn into the crud. The kits are running amok and LilBit Guy has decided it’s that time of year to hump everything…

    Cya and Have a happy~


    Mundu að sofa með bros á vör (Icelandic)
    (Remember to sleep with a smile)



    airborne archie
    Where did that bird go?



    That’s just common sense.

    Most people were setting off their fireworks this evening for Guy Fawkes so we kept HRH Shadz inside which didn’t go down well with her. Eventually she gave in and curled up and waited out the noise and then decided it was too late to go hunting and went to bed. I’m heading that way too and hoping she hasn’t hogged it all.
    Night all.



    I LOVE THE THREE WISE CATS!!! For sure, common sense is something that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden. And fewer and fewer people have it as I have gotten older. 😆

    Well, my coffee pot took a crap this morning, so the first thing on my agenda was a new one!! Bright and shiny she sits on my counter top ready to produce the magic essence!! I made a chicken salad with pecans, olives, onions and celery yesterday, and I think we will have that on lettuce tonight. I cleaned the house, put clean sheets on the bed, and I’ll have an extra hour of sleep come tomorrow morning! 😛

    PG, I’m hoping your knee is healing well. Don’t push yourself, you have a lifetime of cleaning your yard ahead of you, you don’t need to do it all in one day! 🙄 That’s one thing that my PT told me was you do not want to have to recover from an injury after surgery. It takes so much longer and the muscles and tendons have to have a chance to get stronger around that replacement. I still feel my hip getting stronger week by week and it’s been almost 10 months!!



    Hi everyone, yep, the cat is always right, that’s common sense!

    Oh kitty, that birdie doesn’t want to play with you!

    Fireworks, oh goody. *eyeroll* Poor Shadz, glad it’s over.

    Yay for the new coffee pot! You’ve been quite productive, KZ!

    Worked this morning then went to the market this afternoon. Sis was busy at the town rabies clinic so I went down to give a hand with another vendor who watches the shelter tent when sis can’t be there. Came home with 2 brownies, a smores and a caramel sea salt, yum!



    Common sense is often times lacking in KJ-land! *Sigh*

    Tonight I must pay heed as in not staying up way late as it’s “not really 3 am, it’s now 2 am. And thus being whacked out tomorrow! *Sigh*

    But right now common sense tells me it’s the for srs coffee and noms (in this case scones) as slept the day away as per and feel somewhat refreshed!



    I was about to say good morning but just discovered it is almost 1pm. Where has the day gone?
    Common sense prevailed here at the MS residence, as the day is fine I decided to tackle the rather thick tall grass weeds that grew up in a corner of the garden. Well five minutes into struggling to pull it out and finding that it was causing my fingers to ache and one ankle to swell with the effort to haul it out by the roots I have come back inside and put on some music – loudly. I now have a happy and my feet up. Music soothes my soul and makes me happy but I seldom indulge now for some reason. Maybe I should do this more often. 😀 😀 😀
    PG, I had to laugh at the GPS kitty, after all we read and hear of so many people getting into strife because they relied on their GPS and it let them down often spectacularly.
    PM, is that one of your kits climbing the enclosure?
    KZ, thank you for setting my mind off on a rather inappropriate imagining of your coffee pot. Sorry it decided to crap out. Maybe show the new pot the old one as a warning that should it fail to produce perfect coffee that this will be it’s fate. Ohhhhhhhhh great sounding salad, I’ve been enjoying raw asparagus spears and grated yellow beets in my salads lately along with cherry tomatoes and any other raw veg I deem edible, no lettuce involved.
    JJ, nice purchases from the market.
    KJ, common sense may be lacking in KJ-land but not from want of trying and you are definitely developing it more and more. I take it you have gone off Daylight Saving time hence the extra hour for KZ and the same for you. OH DOH ! Just saw your pic reminding to turn the clock back. 😳
    So fine day and washing on the line. Not exactly sunny but definitely very warm and a little humid and now having typed that the sun has come out fully. 🙄 🙄
    HRH is somewhere on the property, most likely sleeping in a cozy little nest among the grass or shrubbery.



    MS, yes, that’s Archie. More fluff than brains, but adorable all the same. He lived life at a hurtle.

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