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    Today is a made up café to celebrate everything and anything. It’s either that or Baking Soda day.

    On the eve of New Years Eve many people are making party plans. With every New Year we can start with Tabula Rasa or not…whatever works for you. 😉

    I don’t have much going on today. There are a couple of movies I want to see though.

    Have a happy~

    Nap attack




    Wow, it’s been a hot dry day. I don’t even know what the temp is other than hot degrees C. We filled the clothes line with washing and I cleared a tyre garden this morning so I could plant a zucchini and a mint plant. I had to be careful as my Monarch butterfly milk plants are nearby and I now have 6 chrysalis inside that I rescued from the long grass and I had to return about 10 caterpillars to the milk plants as they were wandering off. Found two more after the lawn man had been, they were unharmed thankfully. Just home from having iced coffees with Airy, KK and Mum at a cool shady cafe.
    Lagatta, tripe, ewwwwwwwwwww, but to each their own. I have tried it and definitely didn’t like it. My Grampa called it knitted meat. 😯
    PG, I have been up and about but if I sit down for too long they seize up again and the soles of my feet feel like they have had a mammoth massage session and the muscles/tendons can’t find their natural position again. All good though and nothing strained or sprained just overworked. Well done on summoning up t he courage to climb the stairs, I know how difficult that must have been firstly to convince yourself that you have to do it and then to tell your leg it can do it. Onwards from here – carefully though. I suppose your thighs ached because they haven’t been getting that climbing activity.
    KJ, that just sucks that your last 2 pair of boots won’t arrive until next year, especially when you need them as consolation for the bruised ribs. Dear me -35C. KK and I have a friend in Saskatchewan and he had to shorten his morning run down to 5km as the temperature was something like -40C. Good grief man you still run at those temps. ! ! 😮
    JK, I love the pepper monsters.
    JJ, I was wondering what the weather was like at your place. COLD !
    You enjoy your memories of your Dad and I would say he is visiting the animals at the Meadow. Oh wow Berta has stayed in for two nights ! Amazing. Awwwwwwwwwww Dewey another boo boo. Heal well.
    HRH is coming in at night now without any dramas and hogging Airy’s bed then coming in to us around sunrise. She is even having her first breakfast inside but comes back for the other half that she doesn’t eat and demands that is served on the balcony. Spoiled kitty? ? ? Hell yeah.
    We are hoping to have a rib BBQ night tomorrow evening, but only if the butcher is open and it is New Years eve tomorrow for us so it’s possible we may have to change the menu.
    KK mentioned that our Abbie/Fishie will be 9 tomorrow/today. How can it have been nine years since we all huddled around our computers waiting for news of our first TDK baby. Someone even rang the delivery suite and was put through to CricketsMama who gave us the exciting news of the birth.
    Happy Birthday Abbie.



    In Saskatchewan such extreme cold is normal; it is not only far north but in the middle of a large landmass. The coldest temps are northern but inland, not by the Arctic ocean. Think Siberia, an even larger landmass. That is also why the South Pole is considerably colder than the North Pole.

    It is not normal here and in recent decades has become unusual. I think these are the coldest temps here in at least 30 years.

    I hate to even think about the conditions endured by stray cats and dogs. A catlady I know fears that some she feeds daily have died. Some people do build outdoor shelters for stray cats, with insulation. If there is a colony inside, they can keep each other warm enough to survive.

    Yes, I’m enjoying my espresso. Bit hungry though; don’t know what I’ll eat; I’m out of bread.

    I certainly don’t think I’ll eat tripe again; for one thing I’ve pretty much eliminated “red” (mammalian) meat from my diet, though I will eat a bit if invited to friends’ places, since I’m not truly a vegetarian. Argentinians and Chileans are hardcore meatheads…

    I’m making empanadas today, but the “meat” ones are leftover turkey thighs, and of course onions. I’m also making lactovegetarian ones from goat’s milk ricotta and spinach, and more onions. They aren’t a lot of work, as I bought the “tapas” (dough rounds) ready-made and frozen.

    And mostly, working. I’m translating a book, and it is a good day to remain indoors! I do have to go out to “Milano” (an Italian supermarket) and pick up coffee and perhaps a small panettone if they’ve been discounted, though that might be just after New Year’s.
    Panettone makes luxurious toast! (As does challah).

    Oh dear, a report on checking on homeless people … on the Prairies. Brrrrr!!!!



    tripe – ewww! I think it’s nasty stuff and I tried it twice to make sure.



    Hello from snowy New Jersey! MS, it’s the same here, only opposite. I haven’t paid much attention to the temp other than it’s really cold. I love hearing about the garden, and of course, the butterflies! A New Year’s Eve BBQ sounds great, hope you get to have it.
    Lagatta, that is so sad about your cat lady friend. Last night I watched Huey in the chair on the back steps and felt so bad for him. He was on a thick wool blanket, but I don’t know where he goes for the overnight. At least he and the others are fattened up!



    I’m beside myself about the poor homeless critters, but a real solution to the problem involves spay and neuter, both of cats and dogs with owners and those without. Venice and Rome have greatly reduced their stray cat populations, by the work of some dedicated veterinarians and humanitarians (felinitarians?) who started sterilisation programmes, rehoming those that could be, releasing the others.



    Good New Years Eve afternoon. We’re busy here making a potato salad and green salad and a dessert in preparation for tonight’s BBQ. KK and Meegz headed out early to purchase ribs and I got garlic butter chicken steaks for those not into ribs. It is a stunning day, sun doing what it does so well and a light breeze helping to keep the heat down a bit. HRH has headed off to wherever she goes during the day. She is laughing at us at the moment, she came inside for the night, ate supper and then disappeared. This morning her food bowls were empty and moved about. Uh oh! ! Mr MS had left the basement door open and she exited laughing while some other cat entered during the night, ate and exited lip licking.
    Lagatta thanks for that explanation, coming from a long narrow country I hadn’t stopped to consider that land mass has an effect. That tis so sad about your cat lady friend.
    PG ! Twice ! you tried tripe twice. You are a legend in my eyes. Once was enough for me.
    JJ, yesterday Airy and I filled tyres with compost and Mr MS did a couple more last night then I planted out more red banana pepper plants and a zucchini, mint plant and about 10 red beetroot plants. I went to the bottom of the garden this morning to water my self sown pumpkin(we think) plants and discovered a kumara or sweet potato plant growing. We must have missed one at harvest time last year. Yay as we didn’t get any planted this year. We haven’t checked the caterpillars yet today but definitely will to rescue any wandering into danger.



    Lagatta so very difficult for your cat lady friend after all that she does for the homeless furries. 🙁

    Bitterly cold until sometime next wk to where many outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations are being cancelled. Not in my city, but you’ll not catch me in the throng. Even if the weather was purrfect. Last time that I went out on New Year’s Eve was in 1975. BF at the time et al had to watch hockey game first, so I napped. That one exerience sufficed. 😉

    Anything and everything, PG? Pretty broad spectrum!

    Just noticed that you already have us in 2018! Year went by in a flash! 😉

    There’s this – awww!

    More often this:

    And of course this!:

    Will see how I feel after DIY gym class tomorrow. If I’m up to it might go p/u bordeaux booties. Will be underground in subway city most of time so purrhaps it’s a plan. These be them:

    Challah does make excellent toast. And someone told me that sponge cake or angel food cake toasts up nicely and is a good texture with the right amount of sweetness for troubled tummies. Might source out a loaf.



    Food all prepared and ready to put in the chilly bin, dips and chips packed, drinks chilling. Just waiting for Mr MS to come home from work.
    HRH will hopefully wander in soon for her dinner. I would love to lock her inside for the evening because of the expected fire works but with the house as hot and stifling as it is she will be better outside. I will leave her outside but with her cat door into the basement open so she can get inside if she wants to.
    KJ, I hadn’t even noticed that the date was 2018. Our PG is a forward looking lady indeed. 😉
    Eight hours to 2018 now.

    I’ll see you all next year, catch up slow coaches. 😆



    Great pics, as usual, but that littel blak kitteh just makes my heart melt. (All cats are beautiful, but black cats have a double dose of beauty.)

    MS, New Zealand is ahead of Australia in so many things! Women’s suffrage, treaty with First Nations, pavlovas, New Year…

    Pleasantly warm – mid-high 20sC – here in Melbourne, but expecting 40 or thereabouts later in the week. Ugh. Not good for kittehs, hoomans or anything / anyone else.

    Oh, and happy new year everyone and everykit!



    Hey everyone~ Good to see most people doing pretty decently 🙂

    LG it sounds like a lovely day! Those recipes certainly sound tempting to me… I’m terribly sorry about the feral kitties. Around this area, they mostly do just fine since the South doesn’t get much snow. We had a few inches several weeks back, but it was gone before morning came.

    MS that sounds like a good time, I’ve never done a BBQ for New Years! It’s always cold and dreary, even down here in Texas. I hope it goes off without a single hitch!

    Spend this past evening; now 2:15a on the 31st; listening to a charity concert by my favorite female vocalist Vienna Teng. It was a lovely, if emotional, ending to the year.

    My boyfriend stayed up for a decent bit of it, sharing songs with me that had led us back together again after nearly seven years apart.
    The Hubs didn’t listen in much, as He’s not one for live performances, but knows Ry and I just absolutely adore the same sort of music. It was, in all, a cozy evening.

    I’ve got Mephistopheles curled up on my lap purring away, and Lilith is off in her basket snoozing, the little monster. It seems things are finally settling down here after all the hustle and scrambling over my health. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who sent well-wishes, you are so appreciated <3



    Evening all, he bbq went off without a hitch and the baby back ribs in two flavours were finger licking good. We all had turns cuddling my two grandkits who loved having extra people to play with them.
    Home now and HRH is inside for the night much to her disgust and there is 1.5 hours left of the year.
    PM, those temps for next week sound horrible. Melbourne has similar weather to where I live during Spring and Autumn but you are colder in Winter and way hotter at times in the Summer than here. We’ve been in the mid 20’s lately and that’s plenty hot. We will happily accept those things you mentioned and I will gift you the lamington and the Packhams Triumph pear as being genuinely Australian. Mr MS is descended from the pear breeder. Now if only we could get equal pay for women here things would be so much fairer.
    Kincaid it’s always great when you have someone to share your favourite group with. Awwww Mephistopheles you snuggle bunny and Lilith is Miss Independent tonight. So glad that your health is so much better and long may it stay that way.
    2018 has arrived with a fireworks display, cheering and neighbours calling out Happy New Year into the night.

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