Caturday – 25/11/2017 – Novel Writing Month

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    It’s Caturday! It’s the last weekend of November, too. I hope anyone who went survived Black Friday Sales. I didn’t go because I don’t need anything that badly. The fashionista gene flew right by me. Today is Shop Local Day to support our community local businesses.

    Cya and Have a Happy~






    Good morning – I usually try to get out to shop Small Business Saturday, either 10 miles up the mountain or 15 down the valley, but probably not this year. Need some downtime to kick the crud. Plenty to do around the house though, both inside and out! The woodburner is already going even though it is somewhat seasonably mild here. Nice, I can open windows!

    We had Thai take out last night for dinner; tonight it looks to be Thanksgiving leftovers, yum!

    I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never considered attempting a novel.



    I did get out to a couple of local groceries. One, a very tiny but good and handy one, is right around the corner from me. The other is a short bicycle ride away (ALL on cycle paths); it is a small independent supermarket with a lot of Mediterranean products, from Italian to Lebanese. I bought a turkey leg there, locally reared meat (though not truly organic), cut into “shanks”. I’m braising it with onions, garlic and later, fresh ginger, as well as some lemon juice and a splash of leftover white wine. I often braise or make soup in cool or cold weather, as it can cook slowly while I’m working on the computer. Oh, I have at least three vegetarian dishes made as well.

    It is very mild today by our standards but raining off and on. Livia was happy to venture out in the garden but it is raining again now – though not very hard – so she is curled up in her chair, next to my work desk and under the window. The weather today is suitably grey and drizzly for this month’s topic.

    I’ve written many essays, as well as poetry and short stories but never really wanted to write a novel. I’m reluctant to reveal too much about myself, even if it wasn’t autobiographical. I’m translating a book now, which is a project of similar scope, but the challenges are different. However cats, while they are usually a calm presence after kittenhood, ensure that we devote our attention to them, not to the blobs humans type on the computer screen. They are right to do so.



    I used to write poetry (songs actually) when I was younger, always kept a diary with a lot of prose ….. I’ve written novels in my head (i.e. developed characters, story lines, intrigue, action, conclusions) but never had the time to put it all down on paper (or virtural) ….. my entire life/profession is composing/writing persuasive arguments, but more in the litigation/theory application line, so not something one would want to sit/read …. I’ve always admired those that actually took the reins/time/initiative to write and have published their artistic works …. I’ve been an avid reader since very young and enjoy all types of things from mindless romance to adventurous tales, to mystery, to intriguing documentary and historical dissertations ….. of course, many are made into movies, and I have yet to see one that out-weighs the book! Just MHO!



    I edited a novel at some point. Peeps who hear that I’m a writer think that copywriting/direct marketing writing is ’cause the writer is really wanting to write a novel and the former is just to earn a living. Not true in my case. Wrote some short stories, but I do not have a novel “in me”. Unlike these kits:

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