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    This day is a tribute to the Supernatural series but neither Jared/Sam nor Jensen/Dean like cats so enough about them. The kits advised me that paranormal and stuff are a good Caturday café. So here we go:

    I finished watching “I.T.” with Pierce Brosnan. Excellent-must see movie.

    I’m working in the yard again. I want as much done so I’m not trying to do it when I get home. I never underestimate my ability to do stupid stuff. 😳

    cya and have a happy~

    Nighty night all



    Good Caturday morning! Huey was a no show for breakfast yesterday but showed up last night, yay!

    The hailstorm of acorns has finally slowed around here. Though I have swept them out of the way, it’s time to rake them up as it’s super annoying to step on them.

    Summer-like temps here in Jersey on this first weekend of fall. Not complaining; soon enough it will be stupid cold. However it will get warm in MS’s neck of the woods and I enjoy hearing of her garden when it’s wintertime here.

    One more day of shenanigans with Jroc before she heads home tomorrow.



    Morning all! ….. Caturday blooms bright and HOT here, any remnants of rain/water from Irma have long dissipated in my area, and altho some of the rivers to the north of us are still in danger of cresting, I will need to start my water sprinkler system up again 🙂

    So, Son made it to Egypt with his fellowship group, and said today they met with the Egyptian military. He said that one of the generals told the whole group that he had a copy of my Son’s book, and found it very useful! …. Son was beyond pleased – who knew!

    Hope everyone has a great day …. it’s a new year for many of us, and a day of reflection and celebration! ….. L8R all!



    Happy Caturday to everyone and a Happy New Year to my friends here who celebrate it! I hope I said that right as I’m still learning–sounds like a great reason to get together for celebrating and feasting!

    Well, I have clean sheets and comforter on my bed, and the house has been cleaned, swept, and dusted. Peso is trying hard to get ALL of his toys back out of the basket and Meowmy keeps putting them back in. When I come downstairs in the mornings, I can tell where he has been. There are clusters of toys in specific areas where he brings them, plays with them and then abandons them. He is just like a toddler! 😆



    First mega-thanks to PG for opening the Café on Thurs/Fri!!!

    KZ, Happy New Year (Shana Tov in Hebrew) is most appropriate. Now while I don’t do cookery, so feasting does not happen in my place, the holiday brings me opportunity to do a rethink of things that I’d like to consider working on ie being less “senseless.” 😉

    Holiday again next Caturday, then following Thurs/Fri and one after that – in effect a whole month of holidays.

    I was glad that my work was caught up. And Dorry seemed glad to have me around more, when I returned from some srs walking. Now I absolutely love that Summer is loathe to leave us and I’ll take extreme heat for as long as it lasts. 🙂

    Beginning of wk I have to get into rent increase negotiation mode, where landlord suggests one sum and I disagree and we discuss. Not all that much fun, but still worth effort.

    Not up on “Supernatural” TV series – but I did find “Supercatural” hehehe! 😉

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