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    Reactions to Reptiles range from abject terror to an acute fascination but the truth of the matter is that reptiles are a vital part of a healthy environment, with common snakes helping to keep down bugs and rodents that would love to make a nest in your home. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the wonders of the scaly world, and perhaps appreciate them.

    It’s Caturday and hope everyone had a fab week and an even better weekend.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Still no sign of the wild rabbit so I am hoping that it has moved on.
    Had a busy Saturday with daughter and son in law splitting part of a mountain of tree rings into firewood for several hours and then visiting a plant nursery. Got myself some sweet Spanish pepper plants so I can make more smoked paprika again. Also got tomatoes and plenty of flowers for Summer flowering. We still have the equinox winds battering us day and night and we are so over them. Time I headed for bed.



    Happy Caturday all! PG, that theme and those pics are cracking me up! MS, I’m bummed that you haven’t seen the wild bunny, I just hope the wee guy is safe …. I’m imaging things are warming up in your part of the world, we’re still waiting for that first cool snap here …. 89 today, but by the middle of next week ‘they’ are promising we’ll be in the 70s ….. I’m hoping so! …

    The mobile vet came yesterday and all four girls got nail trims and Ve got an allergy show! …. Ve has even gained a pound, so the vet was pleased …. Lu is a little chunky 🙄 Abby and Caddy were right on target! ……

    Today is my rest day, so I’m taking it easy …. my HIP crew are here – Scotty is doing his regular Saturday ‘fix stuff’, Hazel (Scotty’s other half) came to paint my breakfast room, and Scotty brought two peeps that work with him who are weeding the yard ….. life is good, I’m headed to the front porch to read with Miss Caddy …..



    Happy Caturday all! AV, sounds very busy at your house–at least you don’t have to do it!! Relaxing on the porch with a book and a cat sounds divine! Hope Mr. AV is feeling better each day too. It is very warm here also, though not as warm as where you are. But mid week we are expecting temps to only be in the 50’s for a high, which will be welcomed, but pretty cool. Sweatshirts will actually feel good during the day!!

    Well, I’m fascinated by reptiles, but not really wanting to have them as pets. They are surely interesting and I’ll bet my cats would love to play with a lizard or two. They were acting strange one day last fall and I went to investigate only to find a little garter snake curled up behind my sofa in the stove room. The cats had ‘paw pounded’ him into submission and I rescued him by taking him outside. I think he entered somehow through the porch/wall. I’m not afraid of snakes probably because we just don’t have any poisonous ones in my area. I like to see them in the barns killing rats and mice though and they can get pretty large. I just wish we had more owls and big raptors hanging out in the barns these days. We do have red tailed hawks and they are just magnificent!



    Hi All! Man boobs! bahaha The temperature isn’t bad but it’s very windy here. Miss Gaea is, of course, offended by the brezzies up her butt. She sitting on the bedroom giving me the stink eye. What did I do? 😉

    Knee is better. We had the follow up x-rays yesterday and it’s set in place so now starts the heavy duty PT. The PT was good. I was sore and achy afterwards but it felt better. Does that make sense?

    Good for Ve! Sometimes, when cats move around a lot it affects their mood and eating. What are you and Miss Caddy reading?

    Enjoy your Caturday




    Oh I don’t know where to start with the pics, they’re all so funny and cute! This morning when I let Dewey out, Star was playing with a chipmunk. The little guy got a break because breakfast from the food lady is more important to Star; she came running to me as soon as I went outside. Dewey saw it though, and it climbed the stake of one of my tomato plants to get away from him. Poor guy was literally hanging on for dear life and when I left for work he made a break for it, and scurried under a shelter. No sign of the critter when I got home so it looks like a certain chipmunk’s lucky day! Also when I got home Huey was in the back of the cubby playing with something – a snake purrhaps?

    Feeling somewhat accomplished today. Saw a post on my hometown’s fb page of a clothing drive at the high school. Since I just cleaned out my closet recently, I had a few bags of clothes and shoes to drop off at my former high school.



    For sure it makes sense PG. As long as you keep your PT updated as to how you feel, there is the feeling of having worked out well/hard vs the feeling of having injured oneself. And there is a difference. Does this make sense?

    Interesting slithery theme! I once passed by a street fair booth where some reptilian group and the must gorgeously patterned snakes and were trying to get peeps not to be afraid of them. I’ll have to admit that the python (non-venomous, I think and mega-huge) is a snake that I prefurred to admire from a distance! 😯



    No snakes in NZ but we do have tuatara. They are rare, medium-sized reptiles found only in New Zealand. They are the last survivors of an order of reptiles that thrived in the age of the dinosaurs.
    We also have skinks and geckos and at the moment we seem to have masses of skinks around the house, step outside and there is a scuttling in the leaves or a dashing across the warm bricks and rocks. They are so cute.
    While Meegz and hubby were in Australia recently they got to handle some harmless snakes and said they were quite velvety to touch.
    Anyhoo time I went nutty and headed on over to the next Cafe.



    We have lots of little garden skinks in my part of Melbourne. Sometimes they make the mistake of coming into the cat enclosure. My Harry might be getting old (he’s 16) but he’s very fast if he wants to catch one. Less commonly a blue-tongue lizard finds its way into the enclosure; they’re harmless, but Harry’s a bit more circumspect with those. (I’ve had some about 45 cm – 18 inches – nose to tail.) We once had a large goanna (monitor lizard) trying to find its way in – that had my (much-missed) Flicker, who was then Boss Cat, very alarmed. I’m not near the local river so I’m not worried about snakes, of which Australia has venomous species a-plenty.



    Happy Sunday all! ….. We have thousands of lizzards and snakes around here, in addition to alligators ……. Son had an iguana and a python as pets when he was in college (they have since been rehomed) the snake was cool, he used to get lost, curled up in the drawer with his belts ….. once we were ‘on to’ him, he was easy to find …… LOL

    Caddy and I finished our book yesterday, so I think I’ll head to Barnes and Noble later for a new one! ….. just reading a murder/myster series ….. simple but entertaining ….. I’m a fast reader, to me reading is mindless and relaxing, as long as it tells a good story and keeps my interest …..



    PollyMonster, snap ! our cat is also 16 and about to turn 17 on Nov 17th.
    I meant to say I loved your addition to the spinning pics the other day with the cat on the rotary clothesline. 🙂

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