Caturday – 2/12/2017 – Operation Santa Paws Day

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    Animals are an important part in our lives, being friends and companions that give us love unconditionally. They’re there whenever we need them, asking for nothing but love and tenderness in exchange for all they give. Operation Santa Paws Day is a reminder that we need to return that love, and remember them at this most special time of year. Every year there is a rush of animals that, through abuse and neglect, wind up abandoned in shelters and animal rescues everywhere. All too often they’re given as birthday or Christmas gifts, and simply abandoned as the shine wears off the newest puppy or the kitten gets grown up. Whatever the case, millions of animals worldwide end up in shelters, and there simply aren’t enough resources to support them all. This is where Operation Santa Paws Day comes in.

    Another sunny day is expected…Ho-hum. I’m trying to make a gluten-free cookie called Cinnamon Stars. Then the fudge and that’s when many a plate will be waiting at the wormhole. But the wonderful smells are moving the wormhole. A wee teaser

    Cya and have a happy~





    Where’s the fudge PG? I did buy some choco and caramel fudge and it’s beyond sweet!

    Don’t think that Dorry believes in Santa Paws – not in this household. But I believe in the efforts that caring peeps make to find furever homes for all kits – despite their challenges.



    I have nearby neighbours with two dogs; the little one is blind, but he has a “seeing-eye dog”, his larger canine companion. Otherwise, blind cats and dogs usually adjust well inside the house, though as with a blind person, it is important not to move furniture and other household items around without them being aware of it and accustomed to the layout.

    There was nothing really “wrong” with either Renzo or Livia, except the inevitable bugs homeless critters pick up living on the streets or in the lanes.

    I once found an all-white kitten who was deaf; I couldn’t take in another cat at the time but a rescue association took him (he was a very pretty little guy) and assured me that they would find a good and safe home for him.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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