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    โ€œWhen you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you.โ€? Dacha Avelin

    History is full of rich and mysterious religions, practices, and beliefs that shaped the world we live in, hinting at powers below the surface of the mundane world. Occult Day encourages us to delve into this mysterious world, to commune with spirits and seek the truths that hide behind the stars and between the shadows.

    They still haven’t found the part for my car so I insisted on a loaner.
    It’s cold and raining. You’d think it was winter! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Miss Gaea went outside and gave me the stink eye. Excusssse me! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Cya and have a happy~

    Alltid nap med din beste venn Norwegian)

    Always nap with your best buddy



    Well Jcat, KK and I are not $35 million richer from tonight’s Powerball draw. ๐Ÿ™ No big TDK world meet-up tour for us. Maybe on Wednesday’s draw.



    Darn, and I was looking forward to you guys flying to Tampa! LOL

    I guess I’ll have to go buy a lottery ticket now, our drawing is tonight!

    So I’m so amused at Miss Caddy lately! …. girl is truly Queen of our block! …. she has her ‘places’ which she uses as her litter boxes – none of which are actually on our property! I’ve followed her twice now, and she goes two doors down and uses a sandy area on the side of a neighbor’s, and then across the street to a parking lot that also has a sandy area …. I think she doesn’t want to desecrate her home, and probably also wants to ‘mark’ her territory ….. most people that live around here have dogs, she might be sending a message! LOL …. too funny!

    Got up early today and got my ‘chores’ done, now can enjoy the rest of my weekend! Hope everyone has a great day!!



    A great Caturday to everyone–it’s pouring rain here today! I LOVE the pic of the cat in the woods selling potions…he is a twin to my Simba Joe, such a sweet cat that was more ‘dog like’!

    RATS MS!! Was sure you would win that powerball–now we have to hope that AV will! We may have a big one here right now…it was absolutely huge a couple of weeks ago, I’ll have to check that jackpot.

    I love the mysterious! Things that can’t be explained intrigue me, but not the mundane crap I see on TV everyday. ๐Ÿ˜†



    It’s a damp cool Sunday morning. I think it may have drizzled off and on most of the night and is now raining lightly. HRH has been outside to her own ‘sandpit’ which is the pad we have under the housebus and then back in for her weekly titbits of bacon and is now snuggled up on a blanket.
    I have to chuckle at Miss Caddy keeping her territory unsullied. Maybe a small area of sand in your yard might keep her from crossing the road.
    KZ, it was the gorgeous cat in the pic that caught my eye first and then I saw the pic fitted the theme. What a handsome kit Simba Joe must have been. As for the Powerball we have another chance on Wednesday with it standing at $38m. Tour may yet happen. ๐Ÿ˜‰



    I’m not particularly interested in the occult except in the literary sense, more the “mysterious” as Einstein said, and the cats and women who are metaphors of each other in Baudelaire’s poems.

    And yes, that does have more than a touch of machism, and of the exoticising of his long-term mistress Jeanne Duval, a mixed-race woman of Haitian origin… We’re not over that stuff yet. But he was so well attuned to cats.

    Cats in the 19th Century (Part 17-Charles Baudelaire’s “Cats”)



    Hi all – I missed Button Day, where I’m sure a big photo of our own Mr. Buttons was on the cafรฉ wall! And Homemade Bread Day, where chef kitties filled the cafรฉ with the heavenly aroma of fresh baked bread. AV, a Cuban sandwich on fresh Cuban bread must be absolutely delicious!

    A very Happy Birfday to HRH Shadz! Sorry you didn’t win the big money MS. Hopefully, a TDKr will win sometime and we can finally have that worldwide TDK meetup.

    Today started out nice, with a spectacular sunrise that I saw from bed through my east-facing bedroom windows. This afternoon was rainy, making for purrfect napping weather. Now I’m ready for the rest of the weekend!

    Just finished a book on my Kindle called “The Silver Music Box”. It’s about a music box made by a silversmith in Germany around 1914. He made it for his son before volunteering to fight in the war so that his son would know he was always thinking of him. The man died in battle; his son grew up and took over the family business until persecution by the Nazis drove them out of their beloved country. It’s a story of how the music box somehow managed to stay out of the hands of Nazis, survive the generations and reconnect family members long after the second World War ended. I like historical fiction books. An example is “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”. Read that and you’ll find out how the North really won the war!



    What a fun theme – tks PG!

    Oh well re lottery MS. Purrhaps next time. And then Iโ€™d get updated passport and smart luggage for the TDK meet-up. A grlll can dream!

    PG, does your loaner come with a purrsonal driver? LOL



    That’s some interesting info, Lagatta. Thanks

    Where have you been JJ? The got you slaving away?

    I do indeed have a purrsonal driver – me.



    I always keep my passport up to date, especially since I don’t have a driving licence. Also because I can get a call to work at a conference on short notice. This time I have one for ten years.

    A passport for cats is more problematic: oh, Livia has had all her shots and a clean bill of health, but the other country has to accept that. And even though I have neighbours and friends close by who loved Renzo and love Livia, it would be very hard for me to leave my furry baby for several months.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get everything I need in a carry-on. Not that I take a lot of clothing, but I want it to be clean. I don’t want overly smart luggage, as it can get nicked…



    I don’t know if you have this info, Lagatta:
    Because Canada is a low risk country for rabies, it’s easier to take Livia with you.

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