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    National Chocolate Cover Anything Day is today. Aren’t we lucky? Depending on your tastes maybe chocolate covered potato chips catches your fancy? Remember, no matter how yummy chocolate is and how precious are kits are – DON’T GIVE THEM CHOCOLATE.

    Even with chocolate, I still agree with Mark Twain

    Miss Gaea survived her physical. Her vet. is impressed with how healthy she is at 9 years old. I know when it’s hot, Miss Gaea doesn’t eat as much in the heat either, MS.

    I just got back from the holiday celebration at my great niece’s High School. She was fab in the string orchestra playing her violin.

    Congrats to your friend Brian, KZ. That is courage.

    Cya and Have a happy~



    This one is just for PG. Yes it;s a chocolate covered Brussels sprout. 😀



    I am pleased that Miss Gaea ‘survived’ her medical. 🙂
    How wonerful it must have been watching your great niece’s High School holiday celebration. You are such a proud great Aunty.
    Each Summer for about the last five years Shadz has dropped weight but this years was so sudden. She has had a good dinner earlier and slid of outside to do whatever it is she does. I have just come in from watering my vegetables and flowers(and being bitten by mossies despite insect repellent) and HRH leapt out of the darkness at me and then dashed off into the night again. I think she knows that she will feel better seeing as she has been to the vet and had a steroid shot. She’s had enough of them to make a connection.
    It;s 10pm and 24C(75F) inside with the fans going and doors open and no lights on. I’ts going to e a hot uncomfortable sleep. I wonder if Shadz will share her nest outside tonight.



    Morning PG and MS! Great pics today! ….. MS, it was 75 here yesterday, going up similar today ….. winter in Fla! ….. of course, our HVAC units around here are mostly all electric, and set to ‘auto’ which means we choose a temp for the heat and the A/C to come on, so my indoor cats don’t feel the change, but Miss Caddy does! …. She has a fleecy bed on the porch for cold nights, along with furry lined cubbies in her cat tree, and in the heat of summer months, the porch has shade screens and ceiling fans, along with the ice packs I put out for her to snuggle with ….. I’m glad HRH is eating, and the steroid will help her tummy!

    Today is always our chore day, so Mr. AV and Scotty are hammering away on the 3rd floor reno, and I’m headed out to change litterboxes 🙁

    Have a great one all!



    No MS-the horror! 😮 From now on, I’ll be care before biting into round chocolate covered candies.

    It’s good HRH is eating because that sudden weight loss is concerning. I never know what Miss Gaea catches when she’s out. Did she have mouse, grasshoppers, what?



    I know I’m weird but I’d rather have sprouts than most chocolate. I only like the very dark bitter chocolate (90%) and it isn’t really used to coat anything.

    This evening my neighbours and I are going to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant for our annual seasonal supper. Not much chance of chocolate there, except in some strange fusion desserts (bubble tea?) which I dislike. I’ll probably have some fish, but sans chocolate!

    Livia is demanding my attention…



    I know people who have eaten Brussels Sprouts and lived but I’m not taking the chance. 😆



    Lol @ PG! …. *and lived*

    I too am a sprout fan, they’re just mini cabbages, and as a southern girl, i love a good cabbage and sausage skillet, corned beef, and a staple tday side!

    Mr. AV and and I went to our fav hometown bbq place tonight, so good and so authentic bbq!



    No Brussels sprouts in my place either!

    But those indignities inflicted on choco in some of those pics – leave the poor sweet choco be! 😯

    My back and guts were not co-operative yest late nite and this am. To care of situation with ice and usual steps and was able to sleep away most of day. Planning an early night too.



    Good afternoon all. We had rain overnight, not a huge amount but enough to back up the hosing I did earlier in the evening. Today is cooler and there are black clouds surrounding the ranges on three sides of us. Thunder storms and hail have been forecast later but for further inland than we are.
    HRH spent the night inside, the rain drove her in. She had a good size meal during the night and a good breakfast this morning and she has stayed close to the house today.
    LOL PG, thought you might enjoy the Brussels sprout chocolates. We don’t know what HRH catches if indeed she still hunts. I have a suspicion she has given up hunting unless something puts itself right in her path.
    Lagatta I’m with you on rather eating a delicious sprout than chocolate, I love Brussels sprouts and chocolate is a no-no for me now and I don’t like the bitterness of high cocoa chocolate.
    KJ, good to hear you are looking after yourself – unless the injury was gym inflicted.
    I’ve spent the morning finalising the Christmas Day menu and just which family we will be with and when. Three family dinners over two days ! !
    Cold meats, salads and desserts for all figured out now I have to write out shopping list of foods to purchase, buy 3 small gifts and a birthday gift(Mum will be 96 just before Christmas) and I will be done with the organising. Phew !

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