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    The combined efforts of the Kennel Club and ADT Security Services led to the first Pet Fire Safety. The idea is to make pet owners aware of the hazards to themselves and their beloved pets posed by fires. Pet owners should take advantage of the day to discuss that in a home is responsible for helping a pet escape in the event of a blaze.

    Well, I’m getting a free pedicure for my birfday. I pick up the boy Z(achary) (my great nephew) for the night. If he stays out of trouble we’ll go see Transformers.” How exciting!

    Cya and have a happy~

    Dormire in braccia amorevoli
    Sleep in loving arma



    Another cold night here, HRH is tucked up beside me in a blanket while the fire is warming the room nicely.



    Yes, fire safety is essential for humans, cats and other sentient beings; but remember that there are other dangers in or around the house. Other than traffic, I’m thinking of things like inadvertent poisoning…

    gratuitous cuteness overload advisory – one-day old kids (the caprine type)learning to jump:



    Enjoy the free b-day pedi, PG! And the movie, if Z is good!
    Glad you and HRH are staying warm by the fire, MS.
    Indeed, Lagatta, there are many hazards around the home. Each cat points out another for me. In addition to general safety measures, small objects that can be swallowed by a cat are not left out, as well as all plastics.
    I have a fire sticker on my front door indicating that there are cats inside.
    The sun has come out here in Jersey! Now that my household emergency is in the rear view mirror I’m feeling much better, relaxing and de-stressing.



    Hi guys! We just returned from our mountain vacation yesterday so I wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope you are all doing well. A household emergency, Joan? That doesn’t sound good.

    The cats survived their pet sitter just fine and are getting their groove back today. A bit stressful…having to keep an eye on them since their “groove” involves the potential for fighting.

    I’ve often suspected my sweet kitties wouldn’t survive a house fire…morbid thought, I know. They are so stranger shy…can you imagine how scary a firefighter would be with all that gear? They’d never come out from under the bed.



    It’s okay ECB, firefighters are trained to look EVERYWHERE, even under beds for children (and adults) since most times they go in on their hands and knees to stay under the heavy smoke. Closets and bathrooms are other places where people tend to hide, so when they find pets, they save them too. Hope you enjoyed your vacation and it was relaxing!

    Was busy today getting ready for oldest daughter’s birthday, which really isn’t until Monday, but Saturday seemed like a good day to celebrate. We grilled out and it wasn’t beastly hot which made it so nice to be able to sit out on the patio while the kids played.

    JJ, so glad you got your clog unclogged–ugh, why do these things always happen when the hubby is away?!

    MS, snuggling by the fire with HRH sounds wonderful. It’s time for me to put my feet up, or maybe I’ll just go to bed–which really sounds divine!!

    PG, hope you enjoyed your pedicure and the movie. I thought it looked really good when I saw the previews…except the special effects looked like they might scare me to death!



    Neat b-day gift PG!

    Lagatta that vid is adorable. The wee goats area wearing what looks to be handknit sweaters!!!! Called jumpers in the UK,NZ and OZ! I think that I even have made some in similar yarns!

    I have a sticker alerting fire peeps/police that there is a kit on the premises. I also included his name, ’cause he will respond to it at times. And his carrier is within sight. I hope it never comes to this.

    So I set aside some clippers at srs sale price at n’hood big box store. Picking them up after spin class tomorrow. With super short hair I use razor comb between cuts and have told my stylist. With a clipper I hope that I don’t get carried away. Just want to get them now as it’s an in-store clearance and at low price they might go fast.



    Hi ECB, welcome home! Hope you had a fun vacay!
    My crew is pretty skittish as well.

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