Caturday – 14/10/2017 – International Spinning Day

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    The image of the spinning top is a powerful one, the image of an object only kept in place by motion and precarious laws of physics. They have been used as imagery in many things, including the idea that things must be held in a careful balance, and an indication that eventually all things wind down in the fullness of time. Or just a way to kill time…

    It’s Caturday and Arapahoe Ski Basin open on Friday. It’s almost here-brrr, chill, snow Yea!

    Have a happy~



    This one is for KJ.



    Whoa feeling dizzy after all that spinning.

    Forgot this one

    Any spinning I may have forgotten?
    Positive Vibes for Mr AV come Monday that his surgery goes well and is successful.



    Good morning! Here’s what spinning means to me

    saber girl

    spin on

    flag spin



    Whew, I am spinning myself after all that visual spinning!!

    Looks like I need to check back thread to find about Mr. AV. Positive and healing vibes for him!



    Thanks MS! ….. Mr. AV is having surgery to help his sleep apnea on Monday …. he will only be in the hospital 1 night, but it’s always scary when one has to go ‘under’ ….. this is a proactive move on our part, better to address a problem before it becomes a problem is our philosophy!

    I’ve been watching all kinds of creative cooking shows this morning, I’ll have to try some of the cool Halloween treats they’re making! …..

    All four furrgirls are napping …. it’s a mellow Caturday here




    Sending lots of good vibes to Mr. AV!



    Thanks JJ! …. Mr. AV has always snored like a grizzly (worse as we’ve gotten older), so we finally had a test done, and were shocked to find out that he stops breathing like 20+ times a night! his was diagnosed as ‘sever’ ….. scary!!! …. and his dad (RIP) had many TIAs (mini-strokes), which we now think he may have had the same condition which brought those on! …. so, instead of waiting for something to happen, and since he’s otherwise healthy as a horse now, and has the best chance for quick recovery, we’re having the procedure done … the new technology is very non-invasive, however, apparently it’s painful. So, we’ve steeled ourselves for it, scheduled time off and will follow the Dr.’s recovery orders to the letter ….. hey, he came back 100% from falling off a roof and breaking his arm 5 yrs ago, so we’ll get thru this together ….. 32 years of ‘for better or worse’ has always blessed us and we look forward to many many more!

    Speaking of getting healthy, we walked 3 miles downtown to a boat show convention and had Cuban black beans/rice and ensalade by the river this afternoon …. such a beautiful place we live!

    We all need to have Buttons in our prayers right now, Ophelia is headed her way, and she’s smack in the middle of it! …. send those TDK white lights!!!



    AV, am I missing something but “All four furrgirls are napping ….” ❓
    I thought you only had two furgirls. 😯

    I shouldn’t laugh at your phrase “Mr. AV has always snored like a grizzly (worse as we’ve gotten older)” but as one who also has their own grizzly it had me cracking up laughing. The interesting thing, when Mr MS had shoulder surgery a few years ago he ceased to snore for about 18 months. Bliss. πŸ˜€ But he began to snore again after that although never to his previous decibels and frequency.
    Positive Vibes for Buttons, I hadn’t heard about Ophelia. I just looked at her path and hopefully Buttons area will just get a glance from Ophelia as it heads up the West coast towards Northern Ireland.
    It is definitely Spring here, the birds are busy nesting and yesterday I saw a neighbours geese out with their chick for the first time. This morning Mama duck who we decided must be nesting too has appeared. It was so funny and cute, her babies from last year were so happy to see her and chased after her to welcome her and tap beaks with her but all she wanted to do was forage for bugs. Daddy duck quacked loudly and the children flocked to him and left Mama alone. Now we wait to see her new ducklings out and about.



    LOL MS! ….. I’m (yet again) babysitting Son’s two girls, so four furrgirls reside with us at present! …. We truly just thought the ‘grizzly’ snoring was a hereditary thingy, but when they did the actual test, it was an eye-opener! …. at least there are things we can do proactively to offset any problems this could cause, so we’re taking steps …..

    Unfortunately Buttons is in the direct line of the projected path of Ophelia! She posted the news ‘cone’ on FB, and put a mark on where she lives – it’s almost dead center! …. heaps of white light and prayers going her way!

    As Spring! …. so lovely, and probably my favorite season ….. *jealous* since I’m headed into fall, then winter …. altho, in Florida neither are truly bad ……

    I do miss our home in NC, cause I could see the leaves change …. down here, we’re green/lush pretty much year round! … have a great evening everyone!!



    oscar on clothesline



    Back after a few days and catching up!

    AV, hope that Mr. AV’s operation goes well.

    Prayers that wretched Ophelia leaves our Buttons alone!

    Wonderful theme today PG! Spinning indeed can mean so many things.

    Well, it’s what gets done to the graciously “donated” wool/alpaca/llama strands so that KJ can knit (half of dress almost done, w/srsly generous advice from yarn co,!) πŸ™‚

    Then if course – spinning – of the studio cycle/spin class variety – my passion! Sadly can’t see pic meant for me, MS, πŸ™

    Did find these though:


    Now it seems that all my tech stuff are conspiring! 2nd TV PVR box weirded out on me and after useless tech support, and equally useless plugging/unplugging, finally spoke with someone who is sending new box along with tech to plug it in (I’m not messing with cables) tomorrow pm.

    All peripherals for new laptop are in. Plan is to buy laptop Tues when fewer peeps will be in store (ideally), get old/new ‘puters to tech-xpert for migration process. Then guy will come to my place and set me up. So might be offline for day or so when this happens. Have to see what works with tech guy’s schedule. Fortunately next paid proj won’t arrive before end of month so I should have time to adjust to new bells and whistles!

    Rainy and cool, Sunday supposed to be rainy and back up to 30C! I just don’t get it.



    White light and healing energy to you and Mr. AV. Ask if he can have all the ice cream he wants that may make him feel a bit better going into this. πŸ˜‰ Heck, I’ll have all the ice cream I want in support of Mr. AV. Please give your grandkits a pet from me.

    So JJ, what that is women doing?

    This is the only one I could find for your kind of spin, KJ.



    Kitty Spin Class pretty much guarantees a gr8 arm workout! And the class instructor has the enthusiasm of some of my instructors! πŸ˜‰

    Yes, JJ – just what is that woman doing – looks intense and like fun!

    Going to multitask as in play with Dorry and read at same time, then head off to bed.



    And that’s my point: if you enjoy Math(s) and it serves a purpose in your life, then go for it. There is nothing I’ve done or will do that required advanced math. Anyway, we have calculators…

    Football – this is proving to be an annoying season! 😑

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