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    Rubber Duckies have a long and respected history in the world of children, and most of us remember having at least one as part of our collection of bath-time toys. Rubber Duckies have a clouded history. No one really knows precisely where they came from, but whether it was our own bath time or the song from Ernie of the Muppets, we all knew of them and wanted one! Rubber Duckie day is here to help us remember to this part of our childhood cleansing ritual. During the era of the World Wars, rubber was too valuable a commodity to be used on simple toys, so plastic and vinyl began to be used.

    I’m taking my great niece to her violin lesson in the morning. In the afternoon, Teez (her mom) and me are going to see Phantom Thread with Daniel Day Lewis. (arrgh – me or I???)

    Have a happy~

    The weekend is here!




    Oh my, what adorable pics of kits and their rubber ducky’s, and love the story of that cat finding her hooman!

    Well, it’s stopped snowing for now, it doesn’t look all that bad out there–we only had a few hours of looking at the bare ground while it was 60. But the temps are brutal again and will stay that way for at least this coming week. Lots of birdies at the feeders, which my cats love. Finches, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and doves–then something spooks them and whiirrrrrrr…..they disappear for a few seconds and swoop back down again.

    I am thankful we didn’t lose power. YAY! A hot shower is in order for me and I hope it opens my head up some. I’m going to be making soup today. It’s a good day for it. Using the turkey carcass with some vegetables, rice, and lentils.



    ear worm



    Happy Caturday! Don’t wanna die a cutesy-poo death, hehe. Oh and KJ, in answer to your question the other day, no I don’t have a basement. 5 basement cats though! 6 if we include Mama Cat, with her mostly black with speckles of orange and tan tortie coat.

    Been watching the storm, KZ, glad you got through it ok and without losing power. I love that flutter of birds’ wings as they fly up to safety of a tree and back to the feeders.

    Jersey was on the rainy side of the storm; it rained from Thursday afternoon to early this morning. Temps plummeted this morning, and when I went outside to feed the kitties, anything that was wet was freezing. I had to wrestle open the door to my truck to go to work!

    There have been power outages throughout the state over the last few days, not sure why. It’s very windy today, but the last few days weren’t. Hubby’s shop on the mountain (we’re on the mountain, but there’s also “the mountain”!) had no power today, so he didn’t work long without having lights or heat.

    Here at home the wood burner feels great, and there’s at least one cat sitting in front of it.
    Dinner is in the slow-cooker. Much like what Hollywood does with names, I mashed 2 recipes together to make what I expect to be chicken pot pie. Purrfect for a cold winter night!



    KZ,hope that you feel better – and really soon!

    We had a mega storm/ extreme weather warning in my n’hood/city/province!!! Record-beating for date and all! 😮

    Fortunately Dorry and I were cozied up inside watching the blizzard. By the time that I go out tomorrow ideally streets will be more accessible. Otherwise plan is to gear up with propurr coat/boots/accessories and head on out anyway!

    or purrhaps

    I don’t have a rubber ducky, just a furry kitty – who I strongly sense would not want to join me in the bath! 😉 But the pics arre adorable! 🙂

    Made a bit of a mess of latest knittng proj so had to take rows out and will redo. Philosophically, if life were like knitting and we could simply go back and redo. *Sigh*

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