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    The idea of keeping track of one’s family tree is not a new one. The family tree of Confucius, for example, has been maintained for over 2,500 years. In Western societies, genealogy was especially important to royalty because some one had to keep track of inbreeding (Ha-ha, just kidding). All we have to do is gaze at our kits and see they have a purrfect family tree.

    My nephew and I saw the movie Logan today. sad but good *sigh*

    I’m watching Dr. Strange. I think it’s a good movie even if you don’t like Marvel Comics heroes.

    It’s time to get ready for

    Cya l8r and have a happy~

    Dobranoc (Polish)



    Happy Saturday, all! I’m so glad to have a quiet morning to come check in here. Sitting in my breakfast nook finishing up my coffee and watching the birds. We got an awesome dinette set for the breakfast nook and so moved our dining room table to the dining room. So far all our furniture needs have been met from consignment shops…a couch, dinette, and two bookcases. We need a love seat too. Going to hit some thrift stores today, I think.

    I got sooo much unpacking done yesterday. Basically everything except some kitchen and dining stuff I don’t want to unpack for a few weeks….after new cabinets are put in.

    Speaking of cabinets…the original 1986 cabinets have a light well at the top with those long fluorescent lights in them. Leo jumps in there and hangs out. We call it his tanning bed. I don’t even want to think about the 30 years of dust he must be laying in. Poor boy…the new cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling. I bet he’ll switch to the top of the fridge then.



    “Sanity runs from my family.” Heh.
    Good morning – it’s a chilly day here in Jersey. Mac and Dewey were happy to snuggle on the bed in the morning sun.
    Hi ECB, nice score on the furniture. Most of my stuff is second hand, which is purrfect. Leo looks quite content!



    Morning all! Silly Leo, a short but sweet perch!

    Great pics and theme PG, I am fortunate to have my ancestry documented by my aunt, who is a member of both DAR and the Colonial Dames ….. she traced our family back to the 1600s ….. Irish ….. dropped the O from our surname a couple of centuries ago …… no surprise ….. Daniel Boones wife a direct decedent …..



    Crossover pic –

    I had to post this pic as it is so like the wedding memento I organised for Meegz and SIL wedding. A painting of a bare tree and all guests put a finger print on a branch to become the leaves and wrote their name in tiny letters by their print. We used three different green colours and the result is a beautiful leaf clad tree and a reminder of who was at their wedding. The happy couples names and the date are in large calligraphy below the tree trunk. There are examples of fingerprint tree on Google if you are curious.

    We still have rain here and much more to come with thunder storms and gales. Oh Joy ! I am beginning to develop webbed feet. I have had a great deal of pleasure watching the pair of geese and ducks that live on a nearby property as they frolic in the rain. They appreciate every drop that falls. I am pleased we have had rain to ease the effects of the drought but there are limits surely to how much we can get all at once.
    HRH is outside today somewhere and not asking to come in so she is not put off by the rain.
    There is a gathering of my family members enjoying yum cha in another city as they celebrate Kapitikats birthday. Airy is sending me hilarious candid pics.
    Waving to ECB, sounds like you are all settling in nicely. Your breakfast nook sounds perfect. Is Leo coming down from his ‘tanning bed’ covered in ancient dust bunnies?
    Morning JJ, I like that sanity pic too, seems familiar as far as my family but then again who is totally sane.
    Awwwwww Mac and Dewey snuggling.
    Wow AV, thats great to have that much of your family tree.
    My family tree is mostly Scottish and Irish but sadly we came to a road block on the Irish side because so many records were destroyed in a fire some time ago in Ireland.
    My Scottish family had a castle and I have a beautiful model of it that Airy bought me for Christmas.



    “Sanity runs from my family” Hehehe.

    MS, that’s some pile you have there. I think that you should take claim of your rightful inheritance. But then we would have to call you Lady MS and curtsy and such, And I’m not sure you’d want to commune with us commoners.HRH would of course be in her element!

    Allegedly we are related to a famous poet with many places named for him. And I was not asked to cut the ribbon when they opened because? Hmmm …

    Think that we might have set coldness record today. Slept it away as per and felt like the only one on the planet as most peeps smartly elected to remain indoors. -30 degrees due to wind chill. Similar temps tomorrow when I will be outdoors – getting from one place to another and dressed srsly warmly!

    Might watch a doc entitled “Cats: The Lion in your Living Room” which best describes my living situations. πŸ˜‰



    Which side is the drunk Scottish Uncle on MS? πŸ˜† I love your castle though. Partay, anyone?

    Some family members have tried to do our ancestry but there are many road blocks, too. Records were kept at churches (or asylums in my family) and if it was destroyed the records with them. The Spanish had a thang where if a family had too many mouths to feed, they would “lend” a child to another family member/friend. This way they didn’t have to feed them and the other family got free labor. Sweet, huh? When this occurred, children often got “lost,” I thought he was your child…

    I admire your drive KJ but that is too cold to be outside, IMHO. I saw that show and it was interesting. There was nothing new but interesting anyway.

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