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    So, here’s the thing. Out of all my cats, two of em are very fond of carbs (Oro and SPM). If it was dairy it’d be pretty normal but is it not peculiar for cats to crave carbs? I mean, they can’t even taste sweetness.

    They are fond of cakes and rice. So this one time I put a cake inside a platic ware and I totally didn’t expect SPM to even flip the thing off the table just to get it out. He’s also known as the scavenger of the house. He even tried to tear the garbage’s plastic since we tied it. I’m just worried because he seems to be eating anything wether it’s edible or not. He even got sick once but still manage to eat everything.

    But they crave carbs the most, they broke two glass plates for it. Anyone knows why?



    LOL, I’m sorry that you have cats that will eat any and everything they can get their paws on. I can’t explain it–because I have one. I think it’s just the way they are hard-wired. I have 5 inside and they all act as if they might wither away if I’m not right on time with their meal. But I have one who will eat everyone else’s food, or anything left out if I’m not good about putting things away. That means bread in the wrapper, rolls, anything in a baggy, etc. He gets as much to eat as everyone else, and is a BIG cat. Just be diligent in not leaving things out that they can get into, because more than them eating the actual food, the plastic stuff they chew through could get into their stomachs or intestinal tract and cause problems.

    I would guess they are not on free feed–meaning that you leave kibble out all the time. Which is great because that isn’t good for them. Make sure they are getting the calories they need to be healthy, and once you determine that then it’s just the way cats are about food.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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