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    Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. – Anatole France

    We all have them in our lives, those friends that are loyal to the end, that want nothing from us but love and the occasional meal…on demand. We are, of course, talking about our animal friends; you know the ones that have in their power to prevent us from getting anything productive done! Today we recognize and thank the peeps in Veterinary Medicine who keep our friends healthy and alive.


    It’s Caterday. I’m not sure what I’ll get accomplished but the weather has done a turn around and the temps are 55f/12c.

    Have a happy~





    Morning all! PG, it’s only a little above your temps here today (59) ….. we’re finally getting the cold snap down here! ….. that being said, it’s going to be rainy/cold all day, so my litter changing chores may get put off til tomorrow …. we’ll see!

    MS, hope the toof issues have abated ….. is HRH eating well now? I’m pleased to report that Ve’s skin issues have been well under control for some time now, and she’s putting on some weight …. problem is, I can’t help her gain weight without butterballing Lu up LOL ! Son will just have to deal with it!

    I’m tucked up in bed with my flavored coffee, watching the first episode of the new Top Chef season ….. hard to motivate myself to get up/moving ….

    Have a great day all!



    Good Caturday morning! Vet Techs are the best!
    The wee medicine baby pic is just too cute, as well as the toddler in the car seat!

    Glad Miss Ve is doing better. Son will have to put Lu on a diet!

    It’s snowing here. All the cats showed up for breakfast and a pat on the head, and Dewey has been in and out a few times. I think he’s in now. Even Berta came in for a quick visit!



    Good morning from a hot Sunday morning. I am trying to get into the garden to prepare the bed for planting out delphiniums but am being prevented from getting out there by succession of blackbirds bathing i their birdbath. I just can’t disturb them especially given how hot and dry it is now. Great news, HRH let herself in during the night; progress !
    Catch you later and keep warm everyone.



    Plan B:



    Yes MS, it is snowing here…quite a bit in fact! It’s a cold 28F degrees, perfect temperature for snow. JJ and I could aim the fans toward those of you who would like to cool off! It’s beautiful outside, very quiet with the snowfall. I like to just step out on the porch and breathe in the smell of snow…also the moisture feels so good to my poor nose. Wood heat is great, but it dries out my nose something awful! That’s why I leave a window cracked somewhere in the house.

    Off to change the sheets on my bed. Just getting around to it after a busy day. Just in time to get into it in a bit, along with clean jammies!



    MS, that’s so good of you to wait for the birdies to finish their bathing and drinking. Yes, hot dry weather is tough on the animals too!

    KZ, so often the whole day goes by and I don’t get to make the bed, and find I have to make it while being tired more than ready to be in it!

    By all means, I’ll aim the fans to the south. Hubby and I went out for a walk by the lake and the air is crisp and cold and moist. The snow is good for snowball/snowman making too. The outdoor kitties have been in and out all day. They’re getting brave, aren’t they?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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