Caterday – 5/8/2017 – Celebrate Undergarments Day

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    Undergarments are not all about lace and leather. Cotton, velvet and so many more materials are used making different undergarments. Remember whalebone for corsets? This day is about celebrating and reveling in your undergarments. Who knows maybe you’ll show them off?!

    There aren’t any new “B” shark movies so I’m watching a regular one called Infini. So far its interesting…

    Cya and have a Happy~
    mahara tonu koutou hoa tuatahi (Maori)
    Always remember your first buddy



    This picture is very special as it is of Feeny the gorgeous cat of a former TDKer Ginirosaru. For some reason Feeny swiped the bra from the laundry basket and set about washing it in the only place he could. This was back in 2008.
    Ahhhhh memories. 🙂



    LOL @ the theme today, PG! ….. and MS, that throw back pic of Feeny is hilarious! I’d forgotten all about it! …. GinnyO has three beautiful children now, I love following them on TDKF …..

    Good Caterday all! Today is my last day of feeding my sis’s family cat, Petey …. they’ve been on vaca ….. I’m going to make a plate of brownies to leave for them too, cause they won’t be home til late and I know the kids will be starving …. have a great day all!



    My gang is sending bunches of healing light to Miss Dara, MS!



    Love the theme and pics today! Puma pants….lol. And I always had the biggest crush on Feeny…so handsome.

    Having a quiet day around the house today…visiting with hubby’s parents.

    Sweet of you to leave brownies, AV! Our petsitter didn’t do that. :). But she took great care of the kitties.



    Oh, I forgot about Dara having issues ….. lots of white light headed KK’s way!
    Brownies just coming out of the oven ….. I thought all pet sitters did that 😉





    Prayers for Miss Dara, MS.

    PG, that kitten rescue video!!!!!! At least my bed is ready for me to pass out on! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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