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    Anna Hickman

    Hello, I’m new here. My home has recently become a cat refugee camp. I have systematically been taking them in, getting them fixed, and taking care of them, so I expect I’ll be using this site as much as possible. I’m originally a dog person with a background in dog grooming and training, but I’ve had a cat since I was 16.

    The one I’m concerned about currently is a year old unneutered male named Leroy. He is scheduled to be fixed in 3 weeks (small town, small vet office, they only have so many available appointments for operations :().

    Last night, while he was sitting on my boyfriend, I was playing with him, and seemingly “knocked the poop out of him” as my boyfriend put it. We cleaned it up, let him out to use the bathroom and then brought him in for the night (he’s not allowed to be out unsupervised). I was having trouble sleeping because of a really bad headache. He was sleeping with me, and I think he just couldn’t control his bowels and pooped a little bit. I cleaned it up and decided to try sleeping in the living room because I didn’t want to wake up my boyfriend. Leroy was sleeping on the couch, which I didn’t realize as I laid down, and he just let more out…. I cried. lol I laid in a pile of poop and I just cried for a second. It was a pretty bad night.

    Anyway, this has happened before, specifically with Leroy. Sometimes he can’t control his bowels and he seems to have diarrhea very often.



    welcome Anna and thank you for all you do for these poor souls 🙂 I took was a “dog” person up until 6-7 years ago and now I’m the local Crazy Cat Lady-Cat Expert 😆

    It could be that he has IBS this would course frequent loose stool and if the bowels are weakened it can cause unexpected poop especially when over stimulated with play or getting a shock..

    I good balanced diet might help .. I never personally recommend Dry food EVER but I do acknowledge that in some cases dry food is the only option . I once had a cat that was allergic to wet food so I had to feed him separately to the others so they didn’t get his dry food..

    but dry food of a good quality might help add a little more fiver to his diet and help.. if it gets worst if there’s signs of discomfort or blood in the stool I would get it check out by a vet.. and seen as he’s going to be neutered shortly you can ask the vet to have a look then



    I’m so glad you are back Buttons! I wanted to add to Anna’s question also–when you take him to the vet, have him checked out for parasites (worms and one celled parasites like coccidia and giardia) as sometimes these can cause diarrhea. AND if you are giving him cow’s milk a lot of times it causes diarrhea in cats, as most cats are lactose intolerant. But like Buttons said, food has a lot to do with their bowels. He could be very sensitive to whatever ingredients are in his food.


    Anna Hickman

    He doesn’t get any cows milk, but occasionally he gets goats milk as a treat. I’ll ask the vet about it, but I usually deworm my cats periodically and at the same time. Most of my cats are outdoor cats, so it’s something I try to keep up on.

    I’ll look into the IBS issue. Next time we’re at the store, I’ll see what kind of dry food they have. It’s a possibility that we can switch him to wet food if we have to (we’ve done it for other kitties in the past), but it’s not the most affordable thing for us since we’re taking care of so many cats. On my property currently I have 7 females, 1 male, 4 kittens. I’ve scheduled for the 4 kittens to be fixed, so I’m pretty broke :/.



    The cat might be jealous of your boyfriend. That might sound weird but my mom had a cat that did stuff like that. 😛


    Anna Hickman

    vet told me to keep him inside from now on to see if anything changes. he said he’s probably eating something outside that upsets his stomach. meanwhile, we switched him to wet food and he seems to be a lot better.


    Anna Hickman

    @june if only that were true lol! all my cats, and i mean literally ALL of my cats love him way more than they love me. i feed them, give them medicine, make sure they have water, i stimulated their butts for them when they were kittens! but no appreciation. the minute he gets home from work they forget about me and they’re all over him lol.

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