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    Hi there,

    Looking for advice!

    We’ve just moved into a new house as we’re having our first baby in a few months.

    Our cat loves the new house, especially the carpeted floor.

    BUT the cat has started peeing on the carpet in and (once we closed the door) outside the baby’s room. We clean it with an enzyme carpet cleaner but he just comes back and pees in a new spot near the door.

    This all started after we were given a big bag of baby clothes from a friend and sorted through it in that room. The people who gave it to us don’t have cats but the clothes almost certainly smell like children to our cat. And he’s terrified of children (another challenge to come …)

    I’m worried he’s doing this already and the baby hasn’t even arrived… how do we make him stop??



    Not sure what to tell you . Sounds like the cat is marking his territory. Is there a lock on the door? If so, lock the door to the baby’s room.



    You have just moved into a new house, which could have had cats or other pets that used the bathroom in that room. I would clean that room thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the smell–even though you can’t smell it, your cat can. Also remove all of the used clothing and was those really well too.

    Put a litter box in that room with litter you know he likes. Also, get your cat neutered or spayed. If your cat isn’t neutered, he WILL mark territory because cats (male and female) are extremely territorial. Sounds like he has been traumatized by children, otherwise he would not have a fear of them. He needs to adjust to children by no sudden movements, loud noises, etc. and children can be taught how to be with a cat. No hitting, pulling on ears, tails, etc., shrieking. He shouldn’t be strange around your baby if he is taught that there is nothing to fear from children.

    Another thought, is there could be cats outside marking territory and he can smell them. I would try and see if you can keep them away from the house and the dirt by deterrents that make loud noises if they get too close, or lights or sprinklers.



    Hi Efurryone,

    Hanging in there- 🙂


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