Cat has speckled dark spots on ear tips and around the edges of her lips

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    Hello, can anyone tell me what these specks might be? They don’t seem to bother her but I am mostly curious to know what they are or the cause.



    well are they new or always been there?

    if they have always been there then its the skin pigmentation



    If they are new, and the cat is light-coloured or white, they could be from sun exposure. Make sure you ask the vet to take a look the next time she goes in. If they get any bigger or start to bleed take her in ASAP.


    Do you have a picture of the spots you could put on flickr or webshots so we can see them?



    I agree with CBM. I don’t want to alarm you…but, if the spots are new & your kitty goes outside…it could be from exposure. I lost a most beautiful (mostly all white) feral kitty (Bunny) much sooner than her time to Skin Cancer. It started on the tips of her ears & a small (what looked like a scratch) on her nose.

    Please get your babie into the vet ASAP…just to be on the safe side.


    Here is a general article about skin cancer in cats. Apparently, white cats are more susceptible because of their pigmentation.

    You might want to have your vet evaluate the spots, just to be sure.



    She was a feral kitty that showed up this spring during a blizzard very pregnant. I don’t know how old she is but guessing maybe 4-5. One of her ears is missing about a 1/4″ from the elements. I’m sure that she lived outside because I had to teach her how to go around and come in a door. I am taking her to get spayed soon so I will visit with the vet about her spots then. Thank you all for your input. Ms. Lucy says thank you too.



    good luck and prayers for Ms Lucy and you Dktagirl.



    I’m also sending my Prayers to Ms. Lucy & hoping that it isn’t what I’m thinking. Dktagirl please keep us posted on how the little gal does at the vet.

    And Bless You for rescuing her from the bitter cold.



    I agree with CBM and Feral about the patches possibly being from sun exposure. Please get it checked out. We adopted a neighbours cat when they emigrated and he had similar sounding patches. With Sharp it was skin cancer, he was a ginger and white cat and being pale was why he had become sunburnt. Catch it early if indeed it is from sun exposure.



    My orange tabby had the same thing and I’ve finally figured out what it was. I knew he had ear mites because his ears were always dirty, and I’ve been giving him ear mite medicine (Gold Medal Pets Ear Mite & Tick Control), which called for 5 drops in each ear, twice a day. Problem is that my cat struggled and so I was not doing a good job at getting medicine in his ear. Apparently enough was getting in to drive the ear mites out of his ear, and they were gathering at the tips of his ears. Over about a 2 month period the black at the tips grew larger and larger, and couldn’t be cleaned off with soap, it looked like mildew. Finally someone on google suggested it was not mildew but instead an accumulation of mites trying to escape the ear so I put some of the medicine on cotton pad and used it to gently clean his entire ear, and sure enough over a couple minutes it all came off. I used 3 cotton pads and even cleaned his face and now he is a very happy cat. I also removed the drip tip from med bottle and instead dip a q-tip into the solution and then gently clean inside his ear, which he lets me and I’ve finally cleared up the mite problem that wouldn’t go away for months. I had to share this for anybody else that has black mildew looking stuff on their cat’s ear tips. I guess the black was from the blood that they were digesting.



    Thanks Buddy. We forget that mites will try to escape the medicine.

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