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    I have an 8 month old neutered male whom I love, but his main problem is biting me. Twice he has bitten me causing me to have to go on antibiotics. I know it’s play and I like to play with him, but his play time to him is 5-6 am. His bites really hurts I’m at my wits end I’ve tried yelling either “ouch” or “NO”, I’ve even put him out of the room, it calms him for the time being, but only temporarily. What should I do



    Hi Judy – I feel your pain, I really do! Those cat bites can really hurt and they almost always become infected, despite our best efforts to clean, medicate and cover.
    The early morning thing is common, as pre-dawn hours are hunting time, for which cats are hard wired.
    He is testing his mighty teeth, which are still fairly new to him. Does he bite mainly during play and when he’s really wound up? It’s really important that he not associate your hands and fingers as toys. Human hands and fingers move a lot, making them very interesting to cats. They are prey to them, though as he matures and ages, he will welcome those hands when they come in for gentle scritches and pets and cuddles. Make sure you have a toy in your hand when playing with him so he can grab that instead of your hand. You can also try wand toys to keep your hands further away, transferring his interest from your hands to the toy.
    Keep a toy in your hand even when picking him up as well.
    If there are signs of excessive drooling he may have a dental issue, so if all else fails, consult your vet.
    Good luck! Oh and if you can snap a few pics of him, send them in here so your kitty can be featured as The Daily Kitten!



    he bites my feet this newest infection is my shin.
    Where do I upload a pic of him



    Ouch, attack mode, lots of kitten energy. You may have to walk around with a wand toy to try to divert his attention from you.
    Along the top of the screen there’s an “Add Your Kitten” button. From there it will show you how to upload his pic.



    I’ve been in this situation as well. Antibiotics – no fun. 🙁 Excellent advice from JJ. Also, you might want to speak with a cat behaviourist for a home visit just so they can see your interaction in cat’s home. Helped me out. Or your vet/vet tech might have advice. But when my kitty goes for annual vet check he is so “sweet” – at home sometimes not.


    Kel H

    New to the forum =).

    We’re in this same boat, but he rarely breaks skin. 8-month-old neutered male, likely Blue Russian/Tabby mix. Can be very sweet, likes toys and food, naps with me in the chair. But sometimes, right before the zoomies, he gets the wild eyes and our ankles, elbows, and hands better watch out. I’ve done a firm no, spritzed with water, put him “time out”, offered toys…he still likes us better. We’re going to get a new fishing pole toy, we throw his other toys, but when he’s wild…ouch! Hoping he settles as he gets older =).

    Any advice for when they tire of toys? I can’t buy new toys every week ;).

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