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    I have a neighbour who hopes the next cat she gets is declawed. She has already had a cat declawed, which just gives me the willies. I was furious at my Livia for scratching my pine kitchen table (my other cats never scratched hard furniture, and I no longer have any upholstered furniture) but I couldn’t fathom doing that to her.



    A step in the right direction – here’s hoping each Provence does the right thing.
    My sister adopted a cat that is declawed. She felt sorry for her and wanted to give her a happy life after suffering obvious pain.
    I have scratched-up doorjams and some clawed furniture, but it is what it is. Someday my ‘koala-kitty’ won’t be around to scratch up the doorjams and I’ll be sad.



    I have a friend from France whose colleagues told her that here people have their cats declawed, so she had it done (this is well over 20 years ago). Wolfi grew from a tiny ginger kitten to a huge orange tom almost the size of a lynx. Friend and her husband (also a friend) were on holiday and left their cats with me to care for and feed them. Wolfi was not to be let out because of his lack of defences. But he managed to get out the door and I grabbed him. He turned around … and bit me. Hard. His huge jaw went right around my wrist. There was blood spurting out. I got him back in the house and cleaned the wound with rubbing alcohol and peroxyde, but in a few hours my arm was swollen and read and I headed off to the emergency of the closest hospital.

    Fortunately a more professional cleaning and antibiotics removed the danger. With claws, he’s have simply swiped me. Wolfi wasn’t a mean or bad-natured cat in the slightest, he was a big old dear and I cried for a long time when he finally died of old age. He was just frightened… and very, very strong.



    8 yrs ago I had my cats declawed when I had to starting renting an apartment. Never again. I will use nail caps or clip regularly.



    When asked about declawing, I have heard vets. say it’s better than the cat have no home. Hello?



    I wrote to a vet friend in Sherbrooke, a smaller city southeast of here (rolling hills like nearby Vermont). She says the clinic where she works has NEVER done declawing, and won’t even refer to other clinics for it.

    This ties in well with today’s Karma topic… Humans would really not like to have the last joint of all the fingers on both hands removed. People who do have such a disability (due to frostbite or other reasons) can learn or relearn to type, but with far less efficiency than those with all of our fingers. Cats also call upon fine motor skills, although they don’t have opposable thumbs. To hunt, for one thing, and of course to defend themselves and climb trees.

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