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    Christa Swanepoel

    Koji is now 6 weeks old and I feed him Hills veterinary kitten food. The food is in hard pellet form, but the instructions say it can be softened with hot water for young kittens. I have noticed that Koji likes the taste of the food without water a lot more, but his little teeth are so small and he seems to chew really hard on them. Is 6 weeks to young for dry cat food?



    Wee Koji may think he’s ready for dry food but as you noticed he still has his kitten teef. He’s going to have to eat softened food until he gets his permanent teef. That could be another 4 weeks. Sorry Koji 🙁



    I agree with PG … although he can eat the dry now the soft food is better for them.. even to semi soften the dry food might be a good idea then he still gets a little crunch but most of it is soft


    Christa Swanepoel

    Thanks PG and Buttons!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Like most toddlers they think they are big enough to eat anything, lol. They are right give it a month to 6 weeks.

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