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    Hey everyone. I’d like to thank everyone again for all the helpful advice.

    Calliope is nearing 7 weeks and over a pound and a half now. She’s full of play until she completely passes out.

    I haven’t posted lately because I was stressed about her weaning. She’s shown no interest in kitten food even though she’s been eating slurry for almost 3 weeks. I’ve been getting lots of advice from all angles but I figured I would have to find something that she really found tasty. This week she’s been really interested in things I’ve been eating, like fried chicken but still no interest in kitten food, cat food or baby food(I tried lots). I finally special ordered some goats milk and KMR 2nd Step. She didn’t much care for the goats milk, but I found the winner in KMR 2nd step. Finally tonight, I got her to eat out of a bowl. I can work with this. So, I will likely abandon the bottle and slowly mix it with kitten food.

    The other thing is she plays with her teeth. She’s real bitey. We tried yelping, hissing and patting on the head. When these didn’t work, we tried time out. That has helped a lot. 3 bites she’s out (so she understands why). “Out” is her play pen. She can’t get loose and she hates it when she wants to play.

    We have a vet appointment on Monday for another check up. Last time we were there, she was constipated from eating her litter. Non-clumping litter doesn’t seem safe either for a little kitten. I switched to a pellet litter and that has worked great.

    That’s all for now. The only thing I’m waiting on now is to see if she’s long hair or not.




    OMGosh, she is adorable!! With the biting, you will have to have lots of patience, this is just what kittens do. It’s a way of playing, plus they are teething and you just have to have a toy in your pocket almost constantly, to use instead of your hands and arms. She will eventually stop that behavior.

    You have done great with raising her. They key is to try everything, then stick with what works. All kittens are different, and you never know what one will like as far as food, until you try it. And the litter too, thank goodness you found something that she likes (and doesn’t eat)!!

    Keep us posted on her progress! Good job!

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