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    Craig Pfau

    Hey everyone. First time poster.
    Looking for some advice.

    We bought our second bengal 3 months ago. From day one she’s had diarrhea with a small amount of blood. Naturally we took her to the vet. We had a PCR panel done showing that she had coronavirus. The vet told us that the diarrhea and blood was most likely due to the virus and generally shrugged it off that this was occurring (have seen 3 different vets at the same clinic).

    Two weeks after getting her, our male bengal started having bloody diarrhea as well. Same thing with the vet. They put them on Metronidazole and put us on Hills soft food as well as ProGut Pro Plus.

    Unhappy that their stomach issues weren’t going away I had the vet do a fecal parasite test. I was hoping we’d find the cause. Unfortunately that came back clean.

    Both have had issues for 3 months. They’re both active and love going out for daily leash walks. Appear completely healthy other than the bathroom issue.

    I’m curious if this forum has any suggestions or recommendations that I could try?




    Firstly, get rid of the vets.

    Secondly, find out about the breeder and breeding facility.

    Once you find a competent vet. get her results and talk to them about what is happening. There are benign forms of coronavirus or it could be Giardia or …

    There are many things causing this problem and only a competent vet. can work with you and furbabies.

    Here’s a link to Cornell University. The are leading the field feline health, diseases and treatment. Purrhaps, they can get you in the right direction.

    Good luck



    I can’t imagine a vet giving you a diagnosis of feline coronavirus, giving you some food, medicine, and basically patting you on the head and sending you on your way. For a vet to shrug it off seems totally irresponsible to me.

    If you are in an area where you have access to other vets, then I would call around, get some input on what other people think of them, and make an appointment and take your cats. I would also have the address of the breeder where you got your cats and when you find out what’s really going on, let them know (or have the vet let them know) and I would be extremely hesitant about anyone else getting a cat from them.

    I will post one link for you because there are many, and I’m sorry to cause you worry or concern. I would never hurt anyone intentionally, but feel that the more information you have the better it will be for you and your cats. I hope and pray that this is just a bad diagnosis on their part. Please keep us informed.

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