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    Hi all.
    Ive taken on 4 kittens that are now approx 2.5 weeks old, ive had them for nearly a week. I have them feeding and have read all the advice i can but still have a few questions.

    1. They are now toileting by themselves in there next box. This however somehow creates a big mess if they toilet while sleeping. Ive been cleaning them using a wet washcloth but i feel like they need an actual bath to get them really clean. Are they too young though?

    2. Ive been changing the bedding everyfeed but im running out of old towels. Can i rewash the used ones and whats the best thing to wash them in that wont hurt the kittys, or leave bacteria through my washing machine?

    3. They are going to get to big for the box, ill get them a bigger box but eventually they will grow out of that. So where do you normally keep them? Im only in a one bedroom unit so i cant give them there own room.




    Concats on your new family of kits.

    I must say that 2.5 weeks is way too early to expect them to use the litter box. Because they have to go on their own, they will go whenever they need to go. This is why it’s becoming a problem.

    In any case, you can wash their towels. There shouldn’t be any type of residue but if you’re really concerned, wash them in warm to hot water.

    As long as you keep wiping them they shouldn’t need a bath. I don’t think bathing them at this age is a good idea. Only in emergencies like flea infestations would I bath them.

    They will eventually get too big for the box. You will need, at least, litter boxes. Do not use clumping litter. Kittens will try to eat anything and if they eat the clumping litter they will have serious complications.

    You’re doing a good job with your new family.




    I had a newborn kitten a couple years ago that I did have to bathe a couple times. I found kitten shampoo at the pet store.
    As for where to keep them. I kept my newborn in a plastic shoe box at first then in a large cardboard box lined with towels. I washed them frequently in hot water with fragrance free detergent. I kept everything in my bathroom.
    Later with my kitten stormy we kept her in the bathtub in our bathroom. Stormy hasn’t had any baths yet but she almost did last week I still have the kitten shampoo (she’s 6 month old now). Good luck to you. And have fun with those babies they grow so fast

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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