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    Hi all

    I visited the vet today for Gouda’s first vaccine, they had an 8 week old kitten for adoption (which I almost snuggled to death. What an adorable little guy )

    I noticed he is WAY bigger and thicker than Gouda, though there is only a week between them. Now I think my kitten is abnormally tiny.

    What should be the average size and weight for a 7-8 week old kitten?

    Mine weighs 560 grams, or 1.2lbs

    Any feedback would be good, i’d like to get a general clue



    unfortunately, kitten size can vary. for example, when we got stumps, (still had both legs at the time,) she was 4 months and only weighed 2 pounds. my other cat, at the same age was 5 pounds. the average gain is 1 pound per month. it also depends on care and parents size. that same 2 pound kitten now 1 year now weighs 6.5 pounds, (if including her missing legs, she would weigh 8 pounds, the same as our other cat). so as you can see, it varies from one cat to another.



    I think it varies really widely. If the vet didn’t seem worried that she was underweight I bet she is fine. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a petite, forever kitten-looking cat. Those are fun. (But I love the huge ones and all the in between ones too!)

    There are others who have more experience with tiny kittens who might be able to chime in on this too.



    My Zookie will be seven weeks old tomorrow and yesterday he weighed 630 grams, 1.4 pounds. I weigh him daily. I have had him since he was 3 days old and have been bottle feeding him every day.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Look @ http://www.messybeast.com/handrear.htm believe it has a the average weight gain for little kittens by the week…



    This site: http://www.feralcat.com/raising.html

    has a food and weight chart for kittens. As a very average guide, at four weeks a kitten will weigh around 1 pound, at 8-9 weeks, it will be around 2 pounds but it all varies hugely and depends so much on how well the mum ate during pregnancy and before, how many kittens were in the litter, their birth weight, whether yours was the runt, how much food mum got during feeding him, how much food he got after being weaned, what size his parents were and how healthy they were, what breed he is, etc etc etc. His final size will have a huge genetic component, i.e. how big his mum and dad were. That is why vets usually go on weight to determine when to start giving them their shots, neuter or spay, etc, not age in weeks. The vet didn’t want to spay my wee disabled kitten, Millie, until she was a year old, when usually it’s 5-6 months. You would expect abandoned or orphaned kittens, who have had a rough start, to be behind in weight gain. The important thing is, is he gaining and/or retaining the weight he’s putting on now? If he’s losing weight, that is the time to worry. If not, try not to compare him too much with other kittens, he will develop in his own time, the important thing is that he continues to develop.

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