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    For some to get peace and quiet –
    they find a calm, tranquil lake or river, Cast their rod and reel,
    and relax for a few hours to celebrate Fishing month. Who knows – if you’re patient enough, you might actually catch something! Of course, we know what kits think of fishing…you bring it home!

    It’s Caturday. The weather is nice and all I’m doing is putzing in the yard and working on my Coursera classes. I’m studying Søren Kierkegaard – Subjectivity, Irony and starting Crisis of Modernity and then I’ll start The Changing Landscape of Ancient Rome: Archaeology and History of the Palatine Hill.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Sweet Dreams





    Ha! Love the cat getting the mounted fish and the bathroom humor…my favorite…lol.

    Today is older son’s 14th birthday. Facebook just showed me a memory from last year when he was thirteen and he’s changed so much!

    After cake and presents (we do those in the morning…cuz why not) hubby and I will get our new mattress set up.



    Happy 14th Birthday to your oldest son! Enjoy the day and have a great year!



    Fishee, I haz one!
    Fish pleez!
    Happy Birthday to your son, ECB!
    Indoor stuff for me today. It rained overnight and storms are expected later. Plus, my outdoor shelter project (I’m reorganizing/downsizing) came to a screeching halt when I encountered yellow jackets in some straw.



    OH NO on the yellow jackets in the straw JJ! Those things can pack a wallup!I laid some garden gloves down in the garage after weeding one time, picked them up again a few days later and stuck my hand down in the glove and got stung right between my ring and middle finger!! YEOW! I stomped that sucker and he didn’t recover, but seriously I never leave my gloves outside and always look inside anything I put my hands and feet in from now on. 😮

    BAHAHAA, on the bathroom humor and the kittens on the big fish–WOW!

    ECB, thanks for the suggestion on the changing table being a cat table…I can’t get it out of my mind now. I have to ponder on which level I will put the cushion, and maybe some plants on another tier.

    My new hair ROCKS…LOL, IMHO that is..heh, but had a bunch cut off and it seems so much lighter. I really like this stylist, she seems to understand what I want–that, and she has hair like mine. Meaning same color and texture so she knows what won’t work and what will.

    Excited about going out for dinner tonight with the girls and their families for my birthday–new hair, new shirt, and dinner–woo hoooooo, life is good!



    Happy Caterday all! Great pics today PG, superior cute/funny!
    Yikes, yellow jackets!!!
    Happy Bday little EC ….
    KZ, isn’t it great when you fine the stylist that ‘gets’ you! I’ve been going to mine for 30 years! …. she actually gave my oldest son his very first haircut! ….

    My open house went well today, I was in a panic about an hour before cause it was raining, but thank goodness this is Florida …. 20 min. later before the event started, the sun came out and it was beautiful!

    I’m strong arming Mr. AV in to taking me to ‘cook on table’ tonight …. I’ve been working long hours lately, and I’m too tired to try and think of something to make! …..



    OMG-wasps. Thankfully I haven’t any problems with wasps but that may change. My next neighbor has had them for many years and she says they’re moving on. I don’t know if they’ll come over now. Just another thing worry with Miss Gaea. *sigh*

    You’re getting all spiffied up KZ! You rock it, grrrl

    I’m glad your open house went well. You really put so much into them and I hope you get a sale soon.



    Evening all!

    I purrticularly like the kit dreaming of sleeping in a raft in the ocean and the big fishie acrawl with adorable kitties!

    Are wasps/yellow jackets/hornets all the same thing? They’re all nasty for sure. When I was a kid I made myself a floral wreath and then got stung on the neck by a bee! Ouch!

    KZ, so neat to find a stylist who can achieve the look that you want!

    PG, those courses are quite intense. I did check out Coursera, but of course would need a new OS/browser capability so not an option as yet. For Fall I’ve checked out available courses at various places, nothing of interest. I’m signed up for a lecture this Wed, but not planning to go as the lecture 2 wks ago was so badly run and waste of my time and even if this is diff topic, things do not seem to be well organized.

    Caught up on somewhat complicated part of next sweater, have to ensure that colour changes (wide stripes in varying blue shades) will match up in front/back/sleeves. Trying new yarn so might be first/last time I ever use it although I sense that it will be nice.

    At Knitting Circle was rather noisy. One woman brings her four-and-a-half yr old who kept singing the song Mom taught her when starting her off on knitting. The kid was also drinking choco milk at our work table, and spilling it at times. After someone (adult) spilling iced coffee on my white skirt 2 wks back I was not impressed and although I was polite and moved my chair back, I think it was obvious that I am not all that entranced by kids. Then peeps brought in 2 babies and they were screaming as was this little girl. OK, I grew up in a diff time where adults/kids were kept separate and I have no exp with kids, but still.



    ECB, wishing your son all the best on his 14th b-day! 🙂

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