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    Danielle Gordon

    Hi again!!

    My bf and I are trying to save two newborn kittens. I posted a couple of days ago. Now that I am not working, it’s my turn with them. One of my kitties sneezed up some milk once…. it’s scaring me!

    Does this automatically mean aspirated and eventual pneumonia? The internet itself makes it seem this way but part of me thinks that what was supposed to happen did… he inhaled some milk but sneezed out so he should be fine (I read this in one post here)?? Of course I am checking on them religiously because I am scared. He is still eating and even ate again shortly after. Once he settles down, he sleeps right next to his sibling and breathing appears normal to me.

    Both kitties seems to be slightly congested after feeding. It kind of seems like purring and kind of seems like raspy breathing. They are not panting or holding their head back or anything that makes them seem desperate or gasping for breath. We have had some sneezes (nothing comes out) though.

    How can I feel so much like I am doing everything wrong??? It will break my bf’s heart and mine if we lose one. Or both. They are so tiny and fragile and :|. Anyway, gonna go get some sleep before their 530 feeding. Thanks guys! This forum has been helpful.



    Hi! Thanks for saving those babies!

    I haven’t ever had a similar experience, so I can’t really help you, but I would highly suggest calling a vet and explaining to them exactly what happened, they will certainly be able to tell you exactly what might have happened and what you should do.

    How old are they? Are you tube feeding them? If he sneezed or coughed while you were feeding him, maybe he immidiately spit out the milk he inhaled. Kittens purr all the time, what you should look for is not breathing at the same rate, having difficulty breathing or breathing too fast, being lethargic and feverish. Check the way he breathes compared to the other kitty. Sometimes they don’t show symptoms right away tho, so make sure that you and your boyfriend keep a close eye on him all the times. Are you sure he aspirated though? They usually start coughing right away after inhaling formula.

    As I said, CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMIDIATELY, if the kitten has aspirated, take him to the vet as soon as you notice any symptoms! They might be able to give him a small dose of antibiotics to prevent any bacterial infection! This is something that can be prevented, so if the vet tells you nothing can be done, get a second opinion.



    Hi Danielle,

    Once in awhile, a kit will inhale milk and sneeze it out with no consequences. I agree that you should call the vet. They will be able to tell you if your kit is OK.

    When you feed them, make sure they’re feet are on the floor. Don’t feed them while holding them on their backs because this causes more cases of aspiration.

    Let us know what happens


    Danielle Gordon

    Hi guys:

    I am going to take the kittens in today when I go pick up my dog’s meds. There wasn’t anyone available because it was 1130 at night. They are active and taking the bottle. About 15-20 mL in the last 3 feedings. I am also not letting her push up against the bottle so much.

    We are also having an issue with them suckling each other. Any recommendations for this beyond separating them?


    Danielle Gordon

    Great news! The kitten expert at my dog’s clinic said they are wonderfully healthy and they look great. Our little one is 118 kg and the big one is 135 kg and they are about a week old. Relief! We are doing something right. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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