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    I found a kitten with no mom and I’m taking care of her for about a week,,, she used to drink milk but it’s been 2 days she doesn’t like it,, so I tried to feed her some food,, I mashed some chicken and rice with water , and she eat it , but I’m so worried that she wouldn’t poop, is it ok or she have some problem? 😥



    HI Sajadah,

    Welcome to TDKland. We’re the furriest forum around. Most kits aren’t weaned from their mom until 8-10 wks. However she is just old enough to transition to solid food. If she wants to eat solid food, then feed it to her. You might try giving her Goats’ milk as a supplement for another month or so. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate the poop. You can find it in the dairy section or the concentrate in the baking aisle. Mix the concentrate 1:1 with water or pedylite. If, at any time, they seem lethargic put a dab of Karo syrup or honey in their mouth. I don’t know if Goats milk is available in the store so you may need to get some from a farmer. It will have to be pasteurized and here are easy steps to get it done.

    Put milk in a double boiler or in jars in a pasteurizer or canner and heat to 165F/73C for 15 seconds.
    Cool the milk as quickly as possible, but make sure not to put the hot jars in cold water or they will break.
    Store the milk in the refrigerator.

    Now that she’s moving onto solid food, you need to get her a litter box. When you get litter, make sure it’s unscented, non-clumping litter. Kits want to taste everything and if she eats clumping litter it can build up in her digestive system. You can put a bit of mineral oil in the formula that can usually help them poop. Here’s a video showing how to help her poop.

    We’re not vets but we’re experienced cat meowmies. Good luck and Keep in touch. Here’s another link with good information on raising your wee kits:

    Good Luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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