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    This was the closest forum I could find to what I was needing.

    I am allergic to cats but I love them so much. I have a few outside but they dont come in so I dont react to them. I recently found an abandoned 2 week old kitten down the road and I have been taking care of her. I have been taking 2 allergy pills in the morning and that seems to stop the itchy eyes and sneezing. But I have Eczema really bad on my arms and face and it breaks out really bad when I am with her. Allergy pills cant help that. Does anyone know how prevent that?

    Plus my mom and brother are allergic to cats real bad too, is there any way we can keep her as an indoor cat without us popping allergy pills everyday? Any knowledge would be appreciated!



    I’m bumping this up for you



    Bless you for saving that tiny baby, despite your adverse reaction to her dander. I do hope someone can take over from you. Only wish I knew more about possible ways to control cat allergies. I don’t know where you live and if seeing an allergist costs money there.



    I posted on another site as well about this issue and got more than enough answers! Seeing an allergist will unfortunately cost me some money, but Im going to give it a try any way. Thanks!



    Best of luck to you, Brylee, and thank you for caring for the wee kitten.
    Controlling dander is so difficult and your health as well as your mom and brother, are paramount.
    I am not sure, but Jackson Galaxy may have some information on his website. I’ve heard that there are ways for someone who is allergic to live with cats without popping pills all the time, but I do not know the details.
    If you learn anything you would like to share, please check back. Also, if you snap a few pics of the kitten, perhaps you would be so kind as to submit them to The Daily Kitten so she can be featured as a Star Kitten!
    Again, good luck!

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