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    So, I am currently taking care of a kitten that my cousin found under her trailer. The vet estimates he is between 4-5 weeks old. He was found alone, with no littermates or mother. He has been steadily gaining weight, getting the hang of the litter box, and eating canned kitten food.

    I feel like no matter how much time I spend with him, he will not grow up to be a friendly, normal cat. He is very playful, but will bat at your face and bite really hard. Without littermates to bite him back, I feel like he will never outgrow his biting and scratching. On top of that, The vet wont neuter him, or vaccinate him until December, so I don’t want to integrate him into the general animal population in my house (my cat needs booster shots and im afraid that the kitten might have something that will make him sick) So he will be nearly two and a half months old before meeting my other cat and dog.

    He won’t drink water yet, so Ive been adding a little bit of extra water to his wet food/ milk replacement. He has been having problems defecating, where it gets stuck halfway out of his little body. He usually will pass it within an hour but he seems so uncomfortable that whole time. Has anyone had any experience with that? Do you try and get it out or could that cause a prolapse?

    One more thing, I know he isnt supposed to be bathed until he is older, because kittens cannot regulate their own body heat, but he peed on the floor and layed in it, his bum and tail have poop all over it… I have tried wiping him with a damp cloth but his bum seems to be sore because he cries anytime i attempt to clean him. Any advice on how to get him clean without causing him too much pain?

    Any advice would be super!

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