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    So, it’s been a few months since I posted any updates on Lilith; my little demon spawn!

    She was NOT AMUSED by the Cone of Shame after her spay appointment, and she made her displeasure very well known, unfortunately for my hands.

    Still, the moment the cone came off, she was very sweet and cuddly again.

    She made it through with flying colors, and she has had every shot she needs for this year and well into next! The only thing to keep up with now is her flea treatments and food bills.

    She’s a little hellspawn that won’t do what she’s told, crawls into spaces she KNOWS she shouldn’t be, and loves to mess around with cords and keyboards.

    But, she DOES know how to sit, “touch” and “circle” for treats! Granted, this video was taken months ago, and she’s gotten MUCH more consistent since then. I’ll need to take some more vid for you guys 🙂



    Kincaid! Welcome back! Lilith is a sleek, beautiful girl too. No, they don’t love their cones of shame for sure, but it’s necessary sometimes for their healing.

    So glad you took the time to give us an update and don’t be a stranger!



    Good to see you, Zee! 🙂

    We’re all over the place with my Love’s new job and juggling various other commitments, but I’ll try to be in a little more often lol.



    Miss Lilith is a gorgeous Tuxie girl! It’s good to see how she’s grown up. Yes, they aren’t fond of E-collar.

    My kits don’t get flea treatment. Fortunately, in the dry climate, we don’t have to deal weal fleas.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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