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    So I have a kitten named memorial who was just born on memorial day. She’s been sleeping and eating well even moving. The only problem I’m having is recently she’s been wanting to eat more than the recommended amount. One minute she’ll eat a good bit and other times she’ll be greedy and try to eat a whole tablespoon like it’s nothing. Is there anything I should do? Should I let her eat what she wants?



    IMO she knows what she wants and if she is hungry. Obviously, you don’t want her to be sick, but a tablespoon or 1 ml,is customary, but is a guideline not chiseled in stone. Make sure you burp her when she’s finished, holding her on your shoulder with her body stretched out down the front of you and you will get a couple of burps.


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    Thank you. Yeah I’ve been burping her and helping her use the bathroom. I just don’t want her to get sick because she’s been eating a whole lot more than usual and when she sucks on the bottle she seems so desperate so I don’t want her to choke. She has also been peeing a lot. Is that normal? Like sometimes she even pees while shes in her crate asleep.



    Juliet, in my experience with rescues and now this tiny baby I’ve got, they often pee in their sleep without realizing; just like human children. She’s learning to control her bladder, and she’ll get the hang of it in time.

    So long as her stomach isn’t grossly distended and still “Squishes” when you touch it, she’ll be ok. Just make sure the hole in the nipple is large enough to drip a little milk every other second or so when held upside down. It’ll be easier for your girl to get the food she’s so desperate for, and she won’t inhale quite as much air either from desperate sucking.



    Thank you so much for the advice. I’m feeling good about her health. 🙂




    It is good that your cat loves to eat food. But it is also important to note that too much is too bad. Hence I would suggest you to feed your cat not overly.

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    Hey Juliet,

    As Kincaid said make sure your girl isn’t inhaling too much air when suckling. The link KZ provided has a lot of good info. Remember, she is desperately grasping because she’s hungry. Kittens will eat as much as they need and stop. It may seem like she’s eating a lot but its milk and doesn’t stay with her very long. At about 5-6 weeks you start making gruel. That’s a mix of wet food and milk and is more filling. You would do this with the bottle for a couple of days while transitioning her to a bowl.

    Good luck and keep in touch. Hopefully, we’ll see your girl as our TDK soon.




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