9/11 Remembrance


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    Most likely no one will ever forget where they were on the morning of September 11, 2001. Let’s take a moment to reflect upon this event, those who died, their families and friends.







    I’ll never forgot the horror of that day, and the realization that someone hated us so much that they would commit those deeds. It still hurts. My oldest granddaughter was only 6 weeks old!! I was taking her to her first 6 week checkup and it was eerily quiet everywhere.


    We all remember 9-11. My last cat died on this day too. God’s speed to these family.


    I remember that day. When the first plane hit I was almost to work. I was at work in our break room watching the television when the 2nd plane hit. My co-workers and I were in horror when the 2nd plane hit. Then on top of all that, my cat died. Bad day all around. We now have a cute, adorable 11 year old cat we got around 4 weeks old.



    A sad day indeed. I knew one of the flight attendants on flight 93. Two people from my hometown died, as well as two people where I live now. Then again, just about every town around here lost someone. There’s a nice memorial uptown made from a piece of the towers.

    I’m sorry you lost your cat that day too, Crystal.

    Out on my walk on this anniversary I became lost in thought about that day. The roar of a jet overhead reminded me how eerily quiet it was that day after all flights were grounded.


    Sorry for your loss. Thanks for your kind words. Now I have a 11 year old cat we had from what we estimate 4 weeks old. 🙂



    #ForeverinOurHearts #InRemembrancewithHonor for All Lost on Tragic Day:
    911 purry furry remembrance


    Thank you. Post is very appropriate for this day. My pets left paw prints on my heart.

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