8 week old kitten wont go poop or pee!

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    I got an 8 week old female kitten yesterday, who i just discovered was in the midst of being potty trained. She has been here 24+ and hasnt gone potty anywhere. I tried the litter box, with non clumping clay litter that is accessible to her. I also tried showing her how to dig in it. Im not sure what to do and its too late at night to take her to the vet. I think she may be constipated or stressed. Are there any home remedies i can use until i can get her to the vet?



    Hi Maddy,

    Thanks for rescuing your wee girl. I don’t understand why she needs to be litter box trained becaused its usually figure it out early on. However, she has not so I think she is constipated and has blockage she can’t move. Sometimes, turds get hard and make painful to move. She will need to see a vet. as she may need an enema. DO NOT TRY AND GIVE HER AN ENEMA. IF IT’S DONE INCORRECTLY, YOU COULD KILL HER.

    Keep her warm and comfy. She needs to know you’re her new meowmy. Good luck and let us know how’s doing.




    Yes, by 8 weeks old, she should definitely be using a litter box. An enema is no big deal to someone who knows how to administer one, so take her to a vet and let them check her out. Once you get a poop (take the one from the vet in a baggy) and place it in her litter box and then place her in it and she should be able to figure it out from there.



    She finally pooped! We went and got her some special kitten litter and she finally went in the litterbox herself and went pee as well. I think she either didn’t like the clay litter or she was a little stressed.

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