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    hi every one. i know that there are many people asking similar questions and questions that have been previously asked, but i have no idea how to search for them! any help with that would be greatly appreciated. however in the mean time i have a question.

    me and my room mate (last tuesday) took in two 2 day old orphaned kittens found at a construction site that had no mommy 🙁 . there were 2 other kittens with them that were found dead :,(. we took them to the vet to get them checked out. and now they r home with us. everything was going fine. they could suckle and had good appetites, they are already purring and love to be held and petted and snugle. they are also pretty active and both pee and poop often. but today i noticed that they both have one eye that is swollen and pink. i dont see any type of puss or drainage, their eyes are still closed (8 days old now). what could it be? they dont seem to be in pain. the only time that they ever cry is when i stimilate them to pee and poop. but other than that theyre purring and happy. i will take them to the vet if i need to but i just wanted some advice before hand of wat this could be and if theyre is anything at home i could do.



    Welcome Bridgette! You can click the pink tag on upper right for more chats relating to your query. I would contact your vet sooon too.



    Hi, Bridgette, you are a star for rescuing these babies! These are all really good sites to help with raising kittens:






    Messybeast advises that if kittens whose eyes have still not opened, if they become swollen or gummy, to take them to the vet.



    I agree. At least call the vet and ask them what to do. Feral/abandoned kittens often have respiratory/eye infections, which can cause eye damage and blindness.



    i ended up taking them to the vet yesterday since their eyes are not open yet the dr said she wasnt 100% sure wat was causing it. but probably feline herpes with an underlying infection. she gave me antibiotics for them and some eye drops and we scheduled another appointment in 2 weeks for a follow up…awesome sweet vet glad i found her…but i forgot to ask her about my other cat. i kno that feline herpes is contageous and there is no cure. im worried about putting my other cat in danger of catching feline herpes. im at a loss of what to do 🙁 i love my new babies and my old baby. ill ask the vet when i see her again in 2 weeks but i would like some input in how i should deal with this…you can never be too informed.



    If it is contagius you should probably try to keep them away from your other cat.






    AWw……. SO SAD!!!! Make sure he/she feels better!!!!!! *hug*



    Is there an update on your kitty. I took mine to vet. They mentioned they could go blind. I noticed this morning at 3 am feeding right eye swollen and then this afternoon the left started to swell not as bad. My kitty is an orphan 5 days old. Did yours make it

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