6 week old kitten not pooping please help i've tried everything

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    hi i got a cat 3 days ago now and she hasn’t pooped yet and i’m starting to get worrried, she’s been eating good since yesterday, the first day she didn’t really take to her hard food which the guy i got her from said she was already weaned but i’m not too sure that’s actually true i think he just wanted her out of his hands, anyway i bought her moist kitten food and she seems to really like it which is good but she’s still super tiny and i can feel her ribs very easily so i bought kitten milk replacement and started giving that to her too just to make sure she’s getting what she needs but she still hasn’t pooped, she’s peed only 3 times since she’s been here too, i don’t know if it’s her being nervous in a new environment or if this is something i should really worry about. she’s at least 4-6 weeks old, i tried stimulating her anus to try and get her to poop but that didn’t work out either. let me know what i should do!! she seems completely normal other than the fact that she shakes for a little bit after she eats so i don’t know if that has to do with anything but. she’s not really playful she doesn’t chase a string or anything yet but she’ll break every now and then and try and swat at your finger or nibble at you. anyway please get back to me soon i’m super worried as this is my first cat



    This kitten sounds like it’s too small to be away from it’s mother. We don’t recommend them leaving her until 8 to 10 weeks old, that way they are eating solid food, and using a litter box. I would put her on wet food, mixed with a little goat’s milk. That is, if you are sure she is able to eat solid food. The pate kind, with no shreds and chunks for her to choke on is best. Provide plenty of fresh water for her too, even though at her age, she may not know what to do with it yet. You can find goat’s milk in the refrigerated milk section of the grocery, or in the baking aisle in cans or powder. The caned is condensed, so add water 1 to 1.

    She needs to be kept warm too. If she has a bed, place a heating pad wrapped in a towel or place it under the bed.

    The best thing you can do first though, is take her to the vet. They can tell you her age, and check her for parasites (worms) and give you something to treat them. This is when she can start her first round of shots.



    Hi Emily – I agree with Kittyzee, the most important thing to do when you get a pet is to make an appointment with the vet.
    Good luck, and keep in touch. There are tags that are loaded with information, and of course, feel free to ask questions. We are not vets here but can help with general questions and concerns.
    If you can, snap a few pics and submit them so your kitten can be featured as The Daily Kitten!

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