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    I’ve had two cats for about two years when my oldest cat just recently passed away really unexpected and she was rather young. My two year old female Fable was really depressed and would go around looking for her and was putting on a ton of weight. I’m fairly certain that she wouldn’t move from a spot when I would leave for work until I got home.

    So I got her a little brother, oh boy this little guy. He’s meowing like crazy. He will settle down when I pet him and when he get interest in his new big sister. Well she likes to hiss and groan at him. Will sometimes swat and then run away. If he meows a lot she will rush in. Keep a distance, and just watch him. I don’t know if this is normal behavior as when I’ve integrated cats and kittens before they really got along rather quickly. I might have been lucky there. Also Cloud (I think that’s going to be his name) is really small. And I mean really small. Like curled up he fits in my hand. I was told he was 6 weeks which I thought was young, but I was told that he was eating dry food, so I was like ok. But he’s meowing like crazy which only bothers me because I want to know what’s wrong with him because I think I’m afraid of losing another cat. How can I intigrate them together, and what type of food should he be getting?



    I would probably feed him wet food, as he may be small for his age. Even 6 weeks old is pretty young for being away from the mother cat. Usually, they shouldn’t aren’t fully weaned until 8 to 10 weeks old.

    I’ll post some links for you on introducing your cats.

    How to Introduce a Second Cat

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