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    Go look. Is it doing what your weatherpurrson told you before you left the house this morning? Probably not (IMHO)… Today helps to honor those who work in the field of meteorology from the storm spotters to the people you see on camera. Did you know that the history of measuring weather in the United States of America goes back to 1774? No, neither did I.

    The weather is suppose to be good so Miss Moppet will be in her Catio. Lilbit just follows the sun around and Miss Gaea will be rolling in the dirt. Yes, there is the Superbowl. It’s really become an excuse to party and most folks don’t even know who’s playing.

    I finished watching an indie film that was written and filmed in Iceland. I noticed that more films are produced in Iceland. I started watching The Magnificent Seven (2016) and there’s a big explosion in the beginning that freaked MM out. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Chat l8r and Have a happy~

    gรณรฐa nรณtt



    PG, as always I am loving Basement Cat (and minions.) Norse mythology has hell – Niflheim – featuring primordial cold. Ragnar et al must be feasting/fighting in Valhalla. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And Dorry might want to take some lessons from Considerate Cat. ๐Ÿ™„

    LilBit looks so snug and content in his box!

    Lagatta, “X Company” has to be one of the best mini-series that I have ever watched. Yeah, Poland. From the preview it’s going to be difficult to watch. Latest episode took a piece out of me when Alfred was telling the stories of the men in the cattle cars, and esp when the man with the little boy died. But when the woman from Polish Resistance suddenly appeared, with good shooting skills, well at least a few men were saved from certain death.



    Crossover pic –

    PG I totally agree with you on the waking before 7am. I just wish my neighbours wouldn’t go into their carport with their young children at 6am so they can smoke while the kids play and yell. ๐Ÿ™ Okay people your young children wake early but that’s no reason to wake the rest of the neighbourhood. ๐Ÿ˜ก
    We have had another stinking hot day with a cloudless sky. There is no escaping the heat unless you have ac.





    Happy Sunday all! Beautiful and sunny here today, but pretty windy. I don’t think it’s supposed to be too cold maybe in the upper 30’s, but with the wind it will seem quite nippy.

    I usually don’t watch the super bowl, since we don’t watch many sports. Sometimes I check in to the half time show to see what shenanigans is going on there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve always wondered why it’s put on Sunday evening though, when so many people have parties and the next day being a work day. Doesn’t seem to make much sense.

    Lagatta, your duck broth soup from yesterday’s thread sounds delicious!



    Duck broth soup is ducky! Not for the duck, though. I also have miso for a vegetarian option.

    KJ, yes, since the Nazi murder of Miri to Henri and his little boy Benjamin, this excellent series is getting very difficult to watch, especially as we know that all of those horrors and worse (Mengele…) did happen to the Jewish and the Roma peoples, and many other targets.

    I am going to watch those episodes again, though, firstly because I love the attention to minute historical details, and the many broader themes: the structure of totalitarianism; with no escape but suicide (the Fabers are not enthusiastic Nazis, but not really willing to throw themselves into resisting the Regime) the disconnection between a high degree of “civilisation” and barbarous acts. The banality of evil (thinking of Arendt)… Mass murder as a career strategy (Heidi, if that was her name?) But some means of resistance, such as the literal resistance of the Polish partisans and the resources of memory.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szYrXzEi0cg Almost like the blues

    Mild day here. Livia went out in the yard and isn’t as antsy as yesterday.



    Hi all – that pic of the basement cat and minions reminds me of what I sometimes see when looking out my back door! Earlier the triplet trio of brothers were out on the lawn in a triangle, it looked a bit ritual-esque, hmmm. They would need their sister or a suitable 4th to call the corners, so it was probably harmless.
    Hope you are enjoying the long weekend, MS. Boo-hiss on the neighbors letting the kids run amok so early in the morning. As kids, weekends were the purrfect opportunity to get a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons and let mom and dad sleep in.
    Thanks for the gazpacho recipe, MS, and also for leading me to that thread! I’m not typically a fan of cold soup, but am developing a renewed interest. Yes, cats really do melt into puddles when it’s hot, usually under trees and on outdoor furniture.
    It’s cloudy and cold here in Jersey today, with occasional snow showers. Pretty sure my dad hoped I would be a meteorologist, as I share his fascination of all things space and weather.
    The Puppy Bowl is on at 3pm today, with the kitty halftime show. The Kitty Bowl is on the Hallmark Channel, but I don’t get that channel. I’ll watch the Super Bowl, and since my favorite teams are not in it, I’m hoping for a good game.



    Hi Efurryone,

    I believe I had as much fun as girl can have this morning. I installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink. Yea

    I love the “looking for Spring” cat, MS. I do not like hot weather so I feel for you. The problem I have with that weather is you can only take off so much to stay cool and go public. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Lagatta that is a great recipe for duck soup but I think I’ll let someone have my share. I finished a course in Animal Welfare on Coursera. The conditions that chickens and other birds are kept in made me sick to my stomach. From now, if and when I have bird I will make sure I know where it’s raised.

    That’s how people get Monday off, KZ. The Super Bowl is passed in food consumption only by Thanksgiving Day meals. Puppy Bowl and Kitten Half Time are the best and all the pups and kits are up for adoption as well.

    I agree with you on Vikings, KJ. Once they introduced Ragnar’s adult sons, he had to die but Bjorn should have been gone by now. The whole voices in the sky calling his sons back was hokey. I’m not really interested in Ivar or his bitterness and nastiness. You don’t like your brother, spear him. No problem and no one is going to say anything…not to Ivar because you’ll be next. Lagatha is the only one of the original cast and I’ll watch to see what happens to her. I’m mostly done with it though.

    Dorry is considerate cat? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now I have to find something else to do.



    PG, Dorry a considerate cat – like no! But I love him despite his peculiarities and I hope that it goes both ways!

    I love Lagertha, she reminds me just a bit of my super-fab Wed night spin instructor (the take no prisoners aspect.) But as mentioned, and I’m no prude, I did not need to see a heavy-duty bonking scene before they rolled credits.

    You replaced a sink faucet? You have my utmost admiration as in my case there almost certainly would have been a flood involved although I suppose one shuts off the water before starting the project.

    JJ, oooh a Basement Cat ritual – what can the triangle mean???
    I don’t get Hallmark channel either. When I finally have no alternative but to upgrade ‘puter system I might get me Netflix, but not in plans as yet.

    Lagatta, yes when Miri sang that song, which I assume was some sort of Resistance song, I lost it. I think that Heidi Adler is involved in the deportations to the camps and/or med experimentation and that Aurora is going to warn/save as many peeps as she can. Or she might also wind up in a camp which would dramatic yet horrifying. Interestingly her father is German-Jewish. ‘Cause if Sinclair deploys Krystyna to war zone, well not sure how two strong women chars would work out. As for the Fabers, I sense that the wife would be one of the peeps who after the War claims to have “known nothing at all, my husband just went to his office job.” Although she was the accomplice in murdering her own son and how one lives with that I don’t know.

    There’s an upcoming new mini-series on CBS called “Bellevue.” I’m going to give it a try. Started watching another CAD mini-series, “Cardinal” and I very much like it. Stars Karine Vanasse, who is fantastic actress IMHO.

    Mini-snow storm in the works. Better by far to be indoors.

    I’m trying to make inroads on my knitting, ’cause if I get to a “mindless” point and the sweater is not yet finished I might just bring it to my course on Wed. Plan to finish off the last 2 classes, but if we’re just watching docs, I can knit in the dark, and accomplish something. Might not be all that polite, but I don’t much care. I’d like to get paid to turn on a movie and sit back for 2 hrs.



    There is not much snow, but I set out to run some errands on my bicycle but was defeated not so much by the bit of snow as the ICY PATCHES the much touted snow clearance failed for remove not only from my street but the major shopping street around the corner. Livia went out this morning and then had a good nap, but doesn’t want to go out now with a bit of fresh snow.

    Evidently Miri’s song is a Romani song about surviving persecution, which in its context is of course a song of resistance.

    Yes, wilful blindness among people like Sabine, but we still don’t know where her character will end up, or who will actually survive.



    Yes Lagatta, those ($#@&**(! icy patches do a gr8 job of hiding under the snow! So I tend to walk on the road with a watchful eye out for traffic.

    For sure we don’t know what the “X Company” plot holds in store, I’m just surmising pawsibilities. I will be sorry when the show ends as I believe this season or the next is the last one. But read interview with creators who maintain that all will be wrapped up. Whatever this means.



    This is the last season. That has been announced. I had wished for another season to at least see the War turned around – it is at its worst right now in the series.

    Certain characters do bop far too seamlessly across the Atlantic; the Battle of the Atlantic is ongoing and crossing from Canada to the UK and then on to France was fraught with danger; in reality the commander of Camp X would never have been authorized to make such a trip.



    Here is a real-life Zosia! https://secondstorypress.ca/adult/a-partisans-memoir

    It isn’t at Nelligan (Mtl public libraries) but it is at the Mtl Jewish Public Library.

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