5 week old kitten peeing in large amounts and not in litter box

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    Hello, I am new to being a kitten mommy. I found Cinco a week ago on the streets crying on cinco de mayo. I have had an adult cat before and was so excited but this was a whole other experience. I have found myself on google for hours reading and googling any little thing that happens because I become concerned so quickly. I leave Cinco in the bathroom while I am at work and have found that placing the litter box under the bathroom sink has made him use it (for pooping purposes) but when he is in my room he has another litter box and does not use that instead prefers to go under the bed 🙁 Another thing that I have noticed is that he barely pees in the litter box. I usually find traces of him peeing here and there, I have tried the stimulation with a cotton ball and it works sometimes but alot of the times he goes crazy and wants me to put him down. I am not sure if I am giving him too much water but there will be times that I find a HUGE puddle of piss on the floor, the first time I saw it I was so confused thinking I had spilled water but it has happened 4 times already, which makes me concerned as to why 1. hes not peeing in the litter box and 2. He has a huge amount of pee sometimes.

    to talk about his eating habits I usually feed him a quarter size of wet food around 5 times a day sometimes ill do KMR instead but I have noticed that he goes crazy from the bottle and suckles so fast and hard that he chokes and ends up sneezing milk and wheezing so I am trying to just give him food and water now. I leave him a bowl of water but he also seems to get the water up his noise so I just give him water in the bottle.



    In learning to drink from a bowl, most kittens snuff it up their noses and sneeze, so he’s not unusual about that. You can put the KMR in a bowl and let him drink from it…eventually he will learn to drink anyway.

    I would take him to the vet and have him checked for a urinary tract infection. If he has any discomfort or pain when peeing, he will associate the place he pees (litter box) with that pain. That may be why he has an aversion to the box. Once that is ruled out, then you can figure out what’s going on with not using the box.



    Litterbox Secrets



    That is entirely possible. Also, remember that he is a tiny baby. Does anyone here know if putting the training pads used for puppies would be a good idea? Or shutting him up in the bathroom (where the floor is easier to mop)? Is he affectionate with you? Does he seem lonely? Poor wee mite.

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