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    I’m sorry this is long, but please help me out.

    I have Finn (male) and Cleo (female); Cleo suckled on Finn’s genitals and, while I prevented it from happening when they were out of their crate with me, I let them sleep together at night because I ignorantly didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

    Took Finn to the vet earlier today because his eyes and nose started running this afternoon, and she says he has a mild upper respiratory infection, most likely caused by the stress from his genitals. She prescribed him some medication for the URI and didn’t really seem concerned about that at all, but she expressed a lot of concern that his penis could be so swollen that it blocks his urinary tract.

    She told me to go home and take him to the ER if he didn’t pee within the next few hours. Thankfully he peed about an hour and a half later. But he hasn’t peed since then – it’s been about 4 or 5 hours – and I don’t know how worried I should be. He’s been very playful with his sister (they were together because I was supervising and will be kept separate from one another when I’m not around), they were roughhousing and wrestling and he didn’t seem to be experiencing any pain or discomfort. He’s behaving very normally.

    I’ve had cats my whole life, but never this young, and I’ve never paid very close attention to their habits before, so a lot of my worry is coming from not knowing what’s normal. The information I found online said that kittens on average pee 3-4 times a day, which would be every 6-8 hours, so does that mean he’s probably safe overnight while he’s asleep (similarly to how humans pee every few hours but hold it for 8 overnight)?? The vet was talking to me about how she’s worried because, if he wasn’t peeing, we don’t know how long it would have been going on for and it could have been days, so was the time limit of a few hours just to see that he was peeing at all? I guess what I’m asking is: is it safe if he’s peeing at least once every 24 hours? What I’m assuming (and hoping) is the case is that he’ll pee just a couple times a day and then more frequently as the swelling goes down.

    I feel like I’m both over and under thinking this, somehow. I think he’s okay but I feel afraid to go to sleep unless I see him pee.

    To summarize:
    – He peed ~6 hours ago, but nothing since. Normal?
    – I felt his belly for a hard walnut-sized lump like the internet told me to and felt nothing, which is good
    – He’s behaving normally and is being physically active



    Why don’t you stimulate him yourself and get him to pee. At his young age, he should pee with no problem. If you haven’t done this, just pick him up and gently rub his genital area with your finger or a soft damp cloth and he should begin to pee with no problem. Keep doing this until you feel his bladder is empty.

    And yes, keep them separated because kittens sometimes do such on each other looking for mama’s nipple. You can put a nubby fleece in with them or a nubby toy that they can substitute for each other.



    The vet told me not to stimulate him because his penis was so tender, but I tried to do it gently a couple of times last night. Luckily he peed again before ~2:30am and then peed right when I woke up and opened up his and his sister’s crates (I put a vet-recommended litter in Finn’s crate and I guess he liked the familiarity of the one he was using previously because he waited until he had access to that one to go). I think he’s in the clear!

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