5.5 week old orphans need help pooping

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    Hello, I have 3 beautiful little 5.5 week old kittens. I got them when they were about 2.5 weeks old. so I’ve bottle fed them and recently started weaning them. I started with canned wet kitty food and switched from KMR to goats milk. (after researching, this was the best way). They love both the canned food and the goats milk. But they are not pooping like they were before. Their bellies are full. They look and feel like they will explode anytime. I’ve tried stimulation, warm clothes, massaging their belly sides, sneaking water in a bottle but they don’t like water and will only drink a small amount.
    Any ideas of another way them at might work? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



    Hopefully, they are litter trained by now, and if they aren’t, they can be. Get a box that is small enough for them to enter and exit with no problem, and put in non clumping, plain, unscented litter. If they are using clumping litter, make sure they aren’t eating it because sometimes kittens think everything is food–as it can cause blockages.

    If they are getting plenty of food and liquid (goat’s milk, KMR) then they should be pooping. You may want to call the vet and see what they think and you may need to take them in to have them checked out. They also would benefit from a dewormer, as most kittens have worms. You could also add a few drops of olive oil to their food to get things moving.


    I’ve heard mashed potatoes sometimes works. Try checking this link out. It has a bunch of links you can check out. Here is the link: how to get a kitten to poop



    Yay they have all pooped! After tricking them with water in their bottles instead of milk, they don’t want the bottle anymore. So two giant leaps in their training progress.
    They have been using the litter box since they started on wet food. They will be ready for their forever homes and families very soon.
    Thank you everyone for the advice.



    We get excited too. Thanks to you for fostering and seeing they get furever homes.


    Congrats on pooping you sweet kittens. 🙂 😉

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