4 weeks old kitten Piojo using wood pellets for litter – a bit messy?

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    Hello my dear community!
    Here I am again asking you for help!
    So Piojo is turning into a big strong boy and now he is peeping and pooping by himself! I read that the best litter for such a tiny kitten are wood pellets so I got him these. He is now learning more and more to go to the box for his bathroom matters, still a few accidents but each day less; now I noticed that when he poops it’s really difficult for him to cover his poop with the pellets and he ends up stepping on it and well… mess everywhere! Is this something that he is still learning or is it because of the pellets? Could it be that the box is too little and he needs a bit more space?
    Thank you so much as always!



    I’m glad wee Piojo is peeing and pooping by himself. Pellets are probably to big and oddly shaped for his paws so he does what he can and leaves.

    We recommend using non-clumping unscented litter. Avoid clumping litter because kittens eat it and can have serious digestive problems. Pick up some clay litter until he gets the hang of it. In a few months, you change out




    Thank you so much for your reply! I figured the pellets were too big…
    I am not sure which clay litter can I buy here in Korea, I found this one online, does it look like it will work?



    My first response is no they’re both clumping litter but I did some research and found out you don’t have many options and non-clmping litter isn’t common. Here’s a link on a product that is available in both clumping and non clumping. If you can get this at a reasonable price then use it.


    If not, find something with smaller bits so he can push it around. Keep an eye on him so he doesn’t eat it.

    Another thought-can you access the military bases? Call the base nearest you to see if you can go on. It may be a commute but when you’re there you can stock up.



    Thank you so much again for such a thoughtful response and for taking the time to research on my options here! As always,I am very thankful to this community.
    I finally found some litter made of recycled paper and it worked perfect!
    Piojo is peeing and pooping on his own and on the litter, so I couldn’t be more happy!
    I have some new doubts, so I will post in a different thread.
    THank you again so much for so much care!

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