4 week old runt of litter. Seriously underweight, hasn't been putting weight on.

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    Hi all,

    My cat has recently had a litter of kittens, it wasn’t planned so I am not experienced in anyway.
    Mum cat is just under a year old and was the runt of her own litter and isn’t a great mum.
    The runt of the litter is about 4 weeks old but he only weighs 200 grams. I have been feeding him the royal canine formula 5 times a day; which he has been taking fine. However, he hasn’t put any more weight on.
    I need advice on how I can build and fatten him up otherwise I’m afraid I might lose him.

    Thank you,




    Hi Jean,

    Welcome to TDKland. We’re the furriest forum around. Thanks for helping mum out with her kits. Here you thought she was just putting on weight. 😉

    I don’t know the efficacy of Royal Canin kitten formula but, here in TDKland, we recommend Goats’ milk for kittens. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate their poop. If you are using the Goats’ milk concentrate, mix it with pedialyte. Pedialyte gives an extra the extra boost. Keep in mind if they seem lethargic put a dab of Karo syrup or honey in their mouth. Sometimes this is all they need to give them the added energy boost to get them eating. A smidgen of mineral oil in their formula can usually help them poop.

    He’s the runt and may not have figured out the nipple. So try using a syringe. It will take longer to feed him but he’ll get fed.

    Here is a link with good information on caring for your wee kits.


    Good Luck

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