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    Just a few questions for you guys. I have three four week olds who are doing really well for the most part. Two girls and one boy. The girls try to nurse on the boys penis and makes him cry. So I started separating them but then the boy crys all the time even with a stuffed animal. Any suggestions??

    Also one of my girls will not use the litter box for peeing or pooping. Her poop is soft so it’s not like she’s struggling to go. Any suggestions to get her to start using the box?



    On the litter box training, just keep trying. 4 weeks is a little young for some kittens, but eventually she will see the others using it, and pick up on it herself. On the girls nursing on the little male, it’s fairly common for kittens to nurse on each other. Not something that you want to happen though, so separating is about the only thing that is going to work I’m afraid. Try putting a ticking clock in with his stuffie, maybe the sound will help him. Poor little guy.



    Hi Rebecca,

    You can give the wee lad a blankie that has your smell on it. A ticking clock mimics fur mom’s heartbeat so that should calm him. Please make sure the alarm is OFF. You can try putting him with the girls only under your supervision. No, never mind. That may exacerbate his loneliness. You will have to keep them separated until they are weaned. I’m sorry for him but do give gentle hugs and scritches from me.




    When I had the same issues with kittens nursing each other, I divided their kennel and lined the bottom so they could still hear each other but couldn’t make contact, then I put the heating pad in the middle so they’d cuddle up near there. If that’s an option for you, you may want to see if it helps him. If the clock works fine then it’s safer to just do that.

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