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    I am hand raising an orphan kitten that was abandoned by her mother. There were 4 in the liter and she was the only survivor. She’s been doing amazing, she takes the bottle amazingly well, and i’ve recently started adding small amounts of soft food mixed with her formula and she is taking really well to everything.

    She is starting to get playful and curious but loves hanging out and cuddling with me all day.

    She seems healthy and perfectly happy.

    My only concern is she doesn’t like to poop.

    I have found urine in her box, and I stimulate her everytime I feed her and she pees just fine with no issues. She has pooped twice in the past three days, the first stool was a little hard. Which I blame on the introduction to formula and getting used to out new home and everything else.

    But the second stool was a little softer and she seemed more comfortable going.

    Yesterday she did not poop. She peed lots, like she normally does when I stimulate her, but she went all day without pooping. It’s early today and i’m just hoping for a movement today before I really start worrying. (I worry over everything, just want her to

    be okay.)

    I’ve found urine in her box from overnight so I know she’s urinating on her own, but I have yet to find any poop. And when I stimulate her to poop, she sort of squirms, but she’s always done that.

    Not sure if I have anything to worry about. She has pooped, like I said, she just seems to not want to when I stimulate her, and I think she should be starting to go on her own in her box. She seems like a perfectly happy and healthy little kitten. She plays and cuddles and never cries anymore unless you leave her by herself for bedtime and i’ve really grown attached to her, and just want to make sure she’s comfortable.

    Any advice would be helpful, I don’t think I have anything to really worry about I just like to be reassured. Thanks!!!



    First of all if kitty is getting formula, it must be for kittens, not the kind for human infants. That will constipate them. A little bit of Cat Lax or Laxatone may help things. If the problem persists please take the kitten to the vet to be examined.



    Um ya of course shes getting kitten formula? Geez i’m not retarded.



    Hi DM!

    There are some links to poo & constipation w/alot of other info on this chat link:


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