4 week kitten with Pneumonia????? Help plz ikm begging

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    Ahhhh I have this 4 week old kitten and I was feeding him today and he was moving a lot and I think he may have breathed in a little of his formula?? Umm what to do I’m freaking out and praying that he doesn’t have and will not develop pneumonia. But he was weezing for the rest of the night and I held him upside down so he wouldn’t inhale anymore. I let him sleep for now but when he wakes up he weezes some more. I don’t know what to do, I have no car no money no vet. Plz give me advise I searched everywhere on the internet and idk what to dooooooo. I’m crying so I much cuz in it’s my fault somolne polz help. Plz tell me there a way to treat him at home cuz I’m stuck I’m terrified I lost to many kitten already I swear I will not loose another one 😥



    Perhaps you can contact a vet college, a shelter or a vet office and someone can see your kit and arrange for you to pay whatever you can now and the rest later.



    It’s important when feeding a kitten, to make sure that he is upright, meaning that all four feet are on the ground and his head is tipped back. Yes, they can still sometimes aspirate milk if it comes out too fast, but you can control it better in this position. It may not be milk aspiration anyway, but a upper respiratory infection in which case he does need to see a vet.

    I am going to post some links for you to look at to help you with your kitten.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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