4 Two-Week Old Kittens Haven't Pooped!

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    So, I just found these four adorable baby kittens on Wednesday at my work so I took them home to take care of them because we are currently dealing with a hurricane coming our way. I got KMR milk replacement from my local animal shelter and I have been feeding them every 2-4 hours. They have no problem peeing, but me and my boyfriend haven’t been able to get any poop from them yet. I did read to try watering down the formula a little bit, so we have started doing that last night, but I can’t help but worry! They seem very happy because they have been purring and starting to play with eachother and explore tiny bits when I put them on the bed and they are VERY affectionate. I’m just worried because I can’t see a vet, go back to the animal shelter, or even a grocery store until this hurricane blows over! Any advice or encouragement is VERY appreciated!



    Hi Brooke – though you don’t want them to go too many days without poop, since they are only 2 weeks old, their wee bodies are using a lot of what they take in.
    You can also google “triangle method” to stimulate them to get whatever poop is in there.
    Sending good vibes to you as you ride out the storm.



    Hi Brooke, welcome to TDK! JJ gave you good advice, and I will post the link for the triangle method for you too. 😉 You can also add a few drops of olive oil to their formula and it should help to soften and stimulate them to go. I will post other links for you on raising bottle kittens. Make sure you have formula, or goat’s milk and maybe some wet food for them now–who knows what this storm will bring and how long you will be in with your kittens. We here at TDK wish you the best and want you to stay safe in this hurricane!


    Helping a kitten to eliminate

    Bottle Babies



    Thank you! I’ve been trying, but so far no luck. Im really hoping by tomorrow some vet will be available. One of the kittens is starting to get pretty bloated. I’m so worried! I’ll keep you updated!

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